Album 4:

At Whitís End, life often imitates, well, life. Maybe thatís why so many kids sort out their questions about faith there. Prayer, being Christlike, stewardship, and evangelism are recurring themes that make for one unexpected adventure after another. In Odyssey, the kids donít just learn lessons. They live them!

Episodes Included
Bonus Features
  • The many voices of actor Walker Edmiston
  • The creation of Rodney Rathbone
  • How David Griffin (Jimmy Barclay) got his start
  • The foils of Adventures in Odyssey
  • Behind-the-scenes color booklet, including Make Your Own Model Volcano Family Fun feature
Album Notes

FUNdamentals was first released as Puns, Parables and Perilous Predicaments. It contains all the original episodes from its first release. FUNdamentals originally debuted as a volume in the Gold Audio Series.

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