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Audio Series

The complete series from episodes 1 through 800, give or take a few. Each album is available on CD or digital download.


01 - The Adventure Begins 34 - In Your Wildest Dreams
02 - The Wildest Summer Ever 35 - The Big Picture
03 - Heroes 36 - Danger Signals
04 - FUNdamentals 37 - Countermoves
05 - Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes 38 - Battles Lines
06 - Mission: Accomplished 39 - Friends, Family, and Countrymen
07 - On Thin Ice 40 - Out of Control
08 - Beyond Expectations 41 - In Hot Pursuit
09 - Just in Time 42 - No Way Out
10 - Other Times, Other Places 43 - Along for the Ride
11 - It's Another Fine Day 44 - Eugene Returns!
12 - At Home and Abroad 45 - Lost & Found
13 - It All Started When... 46 - A Date with Dad
14 - Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town 47 - Into the Light
15 - A Place of Wonder 48 - Moment of Truth
16 - Flights of Imagination 49 - The Sky's the Limit
17 - On Earth As It Is in Heaven 50 - The Best Small Town
18 - A Time of Discovery 51 - Take it from the Top
19 - Passport to Adventure 52 - Cause & Effect
20 - A Journey of Choices 53 - The Green Ring Conspiracy
21 - Wish You Were Here! 54 - Clanging Cymbals...
22 - The Changing Times 55 - The Deep End
23 - Twists and Turns 56 - The Grand Design
24 - Risks and Rewards 57 - A Call to Something More
25 - Darkness Before Dawn 58 - The Ties That Bind
26 - Back on the Air 59 - Taking the Plunge
27 - The Search for Whit 60 - Head over Heels
28 - Welcome Home 61 - Without a Hitch
29 - Signed, Sealed, and Committed 62 - Let's Put on a Show!
30 - Through Thick and Thin 63 - Up in the Air
31 - Days to Remember 64 - Under the Surface
32 - Hidden Treasures 65 - Expect the Unexpected   FALL 2018
33 - Virtual Realities 66 - Trial by Fire   SPRING 2018



Exclusive episodes not available in the regular numbered albums.


AIO 30th Birthday Live Show (AIO Club only)

Adventures in Odyssey Live! (AIO Club only)
Family Portraits (download only)
The Lost Episodes
The Officer Harley Collection (AIO Club only)
Passages: Darien's Rise
The Truth Chronicles


Compilation Collections

Audio albums created introduce the series to more "casual fans."


For Beginners

Discovering Odyssey
Encore Collection
Fan Favorites   NOW AVAILABLE
Our Favorites
Platinum Collection
Silver Celebration



Bible Eyewitness
Bible Eyewitness: Hall of Faith



The Adoption Collection (download only)



For God and Country
Wooton's Whirled History: A Blend of Bravery
Wooton's Whirled History: A Mix of Melody Makers



A Christmas Odyssey
Christmas Classics
Countdown to Christmas Advent Collection
Ultimate Christmas Collection (download only)


Story Arcs & Sagas

The Blackgaard Chronicles
The Novacom Saga



The Ultimate Road Trip



Digital Downloads

In addition to CD availability, Focus on the Family offers downloads to every Adventures in Odyssey collection at various online markets. Episodes can be purchased individually or as complete collections.

Focus on the Family Store
Digital Downloads of Full Albums available through Focus on the Family. Every purchase benefits the ministry of Focus on the Family directly.
Christian Book Distributors
Digital Downloads of Full Albums and Individual Episodes from Focus on the Family
Digital Albums and Individual Episodes
Amazon mp3
Digital Albums and Individual Episodes



Subscribe to the Adventures in Odyssey Club

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Adventures in Odyssey Club, launched January 2014. For $9.99 per month, you and your family can have access to the entire Adventures in Odyssey audio series, plus bonus albums. In addition, new monthly exclusive episodes are released and include web quests, activities, and bonus video. New content is released monthly, such as the Adventures in Odyssey animated series, The Last Chance Detectives videos and audio dramas, and much more.


If you'd rather have access to the entire series at your fingertips instead of purchasing albums individually, the Adventures in Odyssey Club may be the route to take for your journey. The club also includes a free subscription to Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse Magazine (U.S. residents only), a monthly member e-newsletter, access to up to six family accounts, listening via computer and mobile devices, and even iOS and Android apps for on-the-go listening. A percentage of your subscription is set aside to support ministries around the world.

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