Episode Reviewed: Between You and Me (503)

Writer: Kathy Wierenga

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Original Airdate: 1/11/03

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Between You and Me

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Episode Summary: With Novacom defeated and the Odyssey safe once again, Connie and Mitch can finally relax and have a peaceful relationship. Or can they? Whit is concerned for the two of them and Mitch is keeping secrets again. Will their dating life ever be normal?


Theme: Putting God first

"Oh Connie, I love the way your kidneys work... oh Mitch, your toenails grow with such amazing symmetry..." [Bernard Walton]

That's exactly how I was feeling as I listened to Connie and Mitch dote all over each other. "Oh Connie." "Oh Mitch." There was just too much sap talk in this episode. I was pleased to hear that Connie and Mitch are back together, but if every scene they act in sounds like this, I may as well take up a janitorial job like Bernard and then use my cleaning bucket as a barf bag! I guess AIO had to portray the couple like this to show how much time they've been spending together.

Unlike many new seasons, this episode seemed a bit dull for a season opener. Usually something more suspenseful happens to capture the interest of the listeners. Either I'm just a little ungrateful or everyone feels that way too. I managed to read up on all the fan reviews, and except for a small minority, this episode turned out to be a smash hit.

Overall, I was pleased with the content of Between You and Me. The spiritual message has been needed on the show for quite some time. AIO hasn't directly dealt with putting God first in our lives for quite some time now. The last time (I believe) that we've heard something like this was in First Love. Connie and Jeff were dating and Jeff wasn't a Christian. But Connie was and this caused her to backslide a bit and miss church on occasion. BUT... only this time in Between You and Me Connie and Mitch both are Christians and they're both falling away from God. It's a very important message.

As you may not have noticed from the above quote, Bernard Walton is back once again. After such a long absence (I have to wonder why no one was complaining where Bernard was if they were complaining about where Eugene was!), AIO has finally brought old Bernie back. "Lift your feet, please. The mop won't stop" was an enjoyable scene, even though Connie and Mitch were being sappy together.

In conclusion, Between You and Me was very well done, however, it needed more life to be considered a season opener. Mitch leaving for a while to join the FBI might not be such a bad idea... it'll add more excitement to Connie's role on the show and cause the fans to go crazy at Mitch's absence.

I give this episode 3 out of 5 cones.

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