Episode Reviewed: Twisting Pathway (492)

Writer: John Beebee

Production Engineer: Bob Luttrell

Original Airdate: 5/18/02

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Twisting Pathway

Episode Summary: When Mr. Charles makes demands that Kevin Colburn finds uncomfortable, his daughter Erica takes things into her own hands.


Theme: Choosing the right path

Fortunately for me, Twisting Pathway was one of the more suspenseful episodes of the Novacom Saga. So many things have happened in the saga and the suspense in the episode was quite enjoyable. The episode began in the office next to Mr. Colburn's office. I especially enjoyed the connection between the two rooms by the intercom. Erica Colburn practiced her usual mischievous nature by hitting one of the buttons on the intercom, thus, revealing what was going on inside the office.

I was pleased to know that Erica Colburn starred in this episode because I was enthused after listening to her in Under the Influence. Unfortunately, according to Whit, she was a bad guy. Which reminds me...

Mr. Whittaker has been known for his very trusting nature. We see a bit of this in Suspicious Minds when he says that the money would turn up. He didn't want to blame anyone for the missing money. We also see Whit's positive attitude in What Happened to the Silver Streak? when the train car is missing. Curt Stevens is out to blame someone, but Whit has a genuine trust for the victim of blame. Now this makes me question something. Why then, would Whit be quick to draw conclusions and place the blame in Twisting Pathway? At the end of the episode, Erica Colburn was conveniently missing when the police arrived, therefore Whit found some way to blame Erica for the Imagination Station's burglary. Now why on earth would Mr. Whittaker, the man everyone looks up to, do that? Either the writers totally forgot how to write Whit's part, or Whit really changed when he went to the Middle East!

Also how is it possible that Nick Mulligan could show Erica around the Underground Railroad tunnel? In the Blackgaard Saga a bomb exploded down there, so I don't see how it's possible unless the bomb had almost no harm.

This episode was good in general. Aubrey's actress is not the best of actresses, but she does a good job. Overall I'd say AIO did a great job. 

I give Twisting Pathway 3 and 1/2 out of 5 cones.

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