Episode Reviewed:
Relatively Annoying (476)

Original Airdate: 11/24/01

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

Um... well...I'd have to give this episode a good rating. I liked everything about it except for how Alex Jefferson is narrating again! Didn't Adventures in Odyssey learn anything from last season's episode, "Snow Day?" In case you don't already know, Alex Jefferson narrated in that episode, but as it turns out, fans didn't approve him. It made the show seem so unrealistic. Oh yeah, it was. At least in "Relatively Annoying" Alex didn't narrate quite as much and at least he's recording his memoirs instead of talking to no one in particular. That helped to improve the "realistic-ness" of the episode.

What gets me the most about this episode is how Grandpa found a toenail in his ketchup. How gross can you get? Stomping on tomatoes sounds pretty way-out, but finding a toenail? That would truly gross me out and I would never want to eat anything at my grandparents' house again! I really anjoyed how the grandparents had an arguing problem. It made the show downright hilarious and I appreciated every moment of the show. The mentions of death were great. It just shows that old people do think about those things (seeing as how they have many years below them).

About the sound effects and stuff... they were great. The music was perfect. It wasn't too colossal or anything...just right. The hill-billy approach was a perfect touch!

All in all, Relatively Annoying may possibly be one of my favorite episodes of the past two new seasons of AIO. If only Grandpa would have found a pair of toe socks in his ketchup! Now he wouldn't even know what toe socks are!

Jacob gives this  episode 4 out of 5 cones.

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