Episode Reviewed:
Shining Armour I & II (474, 475)

Original Airdate: 11/10/01, 11/17/01

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


Part One

"Shining Armour" is the season opener for the 2001 Fall season. AIO fans from all over anticipated on what this episode was going to be about. Being an AIO fan, I did the same thing. I attended a few of the pre-season chats (quite interesting by the way) at the AIO HQ, but missed some of the last few. But for some reason I wasn't as excited about the new episode series as much as other Adventures in Odyssey lovers. My reason being that my mind was on something else. Not something else in the general sense, something else in the AIO world: my website. The grand re-opening with an all-new design and contest was at hand the day of the new season, and I was occupied. Fortunately, the cards were played well on the table and my website opened on time.

Now, shall we get to the point? The above paragraph pretty much seems like an Extra Extra article introduction than a review. For it has no point and neither does THIS paragraph. Maybe it's just a way for me to fill up space? No, I just get in a writing mood, and I need to write until my heart's content. And that's what leads us into this episode.

Here we meet Jason, a great character on the show, yet we haven't really seen much of the fellow until he stars once again in a two-parter. In a way, well... Jason seemed different. His voice wasn't different, but he was. The general way he acted was definitely to be expected, but it just didn't fit. You would expect him to pull a stunt like this as he does in the show, but not in this case. Maybe I'm just not used to hearing Jason anymore. Afterall, AIO went on a one (almost 2) year hiatus from any interaction on the show between Jason, Jack, and Joanne. And what an awful idea to make 15 minute split episodes! That just totally removed AIO's good reputation. I won't go into split episodes here... I've already covered that topic multiple times before.

So. About Jason. Oh yeah, I guess we covered that. Now to the behind-the-scenes stuff. In my opinion, I think that the sound and production of part one was very superb, but in some scenes I think that they overdid the happy, jubilant feeling. Good grief, it's heading towards a intense scene and they return from the commercial break with happy music. But this is hardly noticeable and I don't really think about it when I listen.

Oh yeah... didn't I just mention I was rather annoyed right after the commercial break? Well... let's just say that during the commercial break I wasn't as pleased. Yeah, I have always enjoyed "The Odyssey Scrapbook," but not now. We all know how Jason became a missionary, and we all just want to get on with the episode. In my opinion, this segment (which took about three minutes) wasn't worth it. They played such a long clip when they could have written in more lines for the characters. I'd have preferred to hear the episode, not one I have heard before. As Bernard Walton says, "I'd rather have my fingernails removed with a pair of rusty pliers."

The production quality was wonderful in part one of "Shining Armour," and the acting was excellent, although the voice for Luiz could have been better.


Part Two

All I can say is(as Howdypardner put it) "Ouch!" I happened to be chatting online with her two days before the season premiere of part two of "Shining Armour," and Howdypardner gave me a link to the broadcast at oneplace.com. In a way I was cheating by listening early (considering it was not linked to on the site yet). Fortunately I was able to post this review the day "Shining Armour" aired.

When I said "Ouch!" I really did mean ouch! Not only were there a few explosions that take place (good job Odyssey), but one of the main characters (Luiz) gets hurt! That doesn't happen too often on Adventures in Odyssey anymore (anytime for that matter!). Although this main character stars only once on AIO, I have to admit he did have a good voice. his accent was a bit too "English" but he was alright. Maybe we should re-encarnate the actor who plays Luiz and bring him back on the show as an Odyssey kid one day. I dunno. Luiz seemed kind of bratty.


Very angry was I to discover,

That another three minutes they did waste,

On one of those worthless shorties,

And this poem doesn't rhyme so why am I bothering to write it?

Anyway, you get the idea of what I meant when they stopped for the second commercial. They (sadly) wasted three to four precious minutes on ANOTHER of those stupid "Odyssey Scrapbook" thingies. I was thinking, when is this ever going to end? AIO wasted so much stinking time telling us more information that we already knew! Just like the Odyssey Scrapbook on part one! We already knew that! Yeah, some probably didn't, but why not let them hear that later on their own time? To me, new episodes airing on the radio are a precious 20 minutes that can't be wasted! They already have to stop for commercial break! No one cares for another!

The acting was good...as usually is. What I really liked about this episode is the fact that AIO is bringing up Jason's "I need to save the day without God handling it" attitude. We have seen this appear countless times (well...maybe not that many...Maybe only a few) on Adventures in Odyssey. For instance, in "Darkness Before Dawn," we see how at the end of the story (the best part) Jason ends up feeling powerless and decides to finally pray after not praying in a long time. AIO portrayed this fault in Jason once more. It's nice to have you back, Jason!

What more can I say? The explosions were absolutely explosive (Get it? I know you're laughing at that stupid joke. As they say in...can you think of the place?... "Simple things amuse simple minds," or according to Eugene, "Stupid is as stupid does." Maybe I should just shut up now before I stick my whole foot in my mouth? Get it? I know I'm funny... WHAT! I'm not? Hmm... Maybe I should just shut my mouth now...)

Uh...where was I in that paragraph? Oh yeah, the effects were great (explosive) and the sound quality is getting better. How should I express how I was feeling about the music last year? Um... let's just say that I thought the music was trying to be TOO colossal. The episodes of the past did just fine (if not better) with simple music that you recognize being repeated on the show every now and then. The AIO music of today is well... TOO COLOSSAL. Anyway, you get the idea. The episodes of "back then" were more "timeless(as Mary Hopkins stated...not about the music, but Whit's End...By the way, does anybody even like her?)."

All in all, parts one and two of "Shining Armour" are very impressive and I really am happy about the way things are getting back to on Adventures in Odyssey during the past two seasons.


I give this episode a rating 4 and 1/2 stars. Good season premiere, AIO!

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