Episode Reviewed: The Triangle I & II (464-465)

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I really enjoyed "The Triangle" parts one and two. It was a really good and unique portrayal of Whit and Jack Allen's past. It shows that Jack Allen isn't always the "goody-twoshoes" that Odyssey has sometimes shown. I think that Nathan Hoobler makes a perfect installment to the AIO writers' team. He fits right in with Phil Lollar, Paul McCusker, Marshall Younger, and all the rest. His episodes really make it seem like the old days of Odyssey when there were more serious episodes when you didn't laugh at a joke every two seconds. AIO really overdoes it on the jokes and wise-cracks nowadays. But they really have narrowed it down in the past few months compared to last year's carefree fifteen minuters. Wait. I am kind of sidetracking.

"The Triangle" couldn't have been done at a better time! I really like how this episode ties in with what Jack Allen said in the far past about how John Avery Whittaker met Jenny.

One thing that really amazes me about this episode is the behind-the-scenes work! I was amazed at the superb acting, sound effects, and music! AIO is really good at making you feel as if you are really in the scene.

The music in this episode really stood out from past serious episodes. I don't think that there has been an episode with such perfect music. It's a new twist to the normal AIO music. I read on the Adventures in Odyssey Headquarters (www.aiohq.com), someone listened to part one of "The Triangle" 47 times during the week before part two aired. I don't know how many times I listened to it, but it must have been at least eight times.

I believe that this is my favorite of the AIO Spring Season 2001. And that is not a lie!

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