Episode Reviewed: Slumber Party (459)

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"Slumber Party" is a pretty good episode, but I don't think that it was worth ending the Fall 2001 season with. I mean, it's an almost pointless story about three girls' fun slumber party. Don't get me wrong, I like the episode. I just think that AIO should have ended with a better bang (Ex: Red Herring).

This episode is definitely worth placing into an album, except there are a few faults with the show. First, there's a little problem with how Liz acts. Good grief! Who in their own right mind would place a piece of cold pizza on the top of a lightbulb not expecting something to happen? And why would AIO risk other kids' safety by airing this episode? You know, even though Chris wraps up at the end and warns you not to put pizza on a lightbulb, it's very possible that some little unaware kid could have a sleepover one night and place cold pizza on a lightbulb. You must weigh the pros and cons when dealing with programs. Not everyone will be willing to obey Chris.

Another thing that bothers me is that Alex and David come into the girls' sleepover. Doesn't it seem like AIO is saying that it's okay for boys and girls to have sleepovers together? We all know that Focus on the Family truly doesn't like the idea, but they should have emphasized it ten times more in the program.

Besides the above factors, "Slumber Party" is an all-around enjoyable episode for all.

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