Episode Reviewed: Best Laid Plans (455)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"Best Laid Plans" was the beginning of a foundation of AIO possibilities that the writers ended up dropping. Amy hits the scene in this episodes. Everything seems cool enough, and all the sudden Jason Whittaker's car decides to have trouble. What a shame because he's supposed to be at the Timothy Center. What could be worse?

I really liked "Best Laid Plans." It was very original in a few ways: 1) It introduced a new possible lover for Jason. 2) I loved the way the thunder always was the doorway to scene changes, and 3) An old actor was on there, Fabio Stephens (Curt Stevens).

I think that this episode brought back the old days of Odyssey. I have always enjoyed Odyssey episodes that took place during a bad storm. Fortunately this time there was a new twist. Usually something bad happens. This time something good happens.

There is one thing that bothers me. Jason Whittaker isn't in very many episodes anymore, and when he is he doesn't seem himself. He sounds more like he's fed up with being on the show than being excited about playing his character. Just a thought.

I definitely recommend this episode to anyone!

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