Episode Reviewed: Mandy's Debut: It's All My Fault/I'll Do It My Way (448)

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It's All My Fault

"It's All My Fault" surprised me a lot. AIO did a pretty good job overall on both these episodes considering that they don't have much experience with 15 minute episodes and some of the actors were new. I really like how everyone thought it was all their fault that they put Whit in the hospital, yet in reality, he was visiting someone in the hospital. AIO should have done more fifteen minute stories like this (and that's pretty bad because I wouldn't normally like these types of fifteen minute episodes).

Connie didn't really sound herself in these stories, and well... Mandy (played by Aria Curzon) sounded very nervous the entire time. She did better than I would have because I am definitely not good in front of people, especially knowing I have a performance to do.

I'll Do It My Way

This is also a favorite fifteen minute story of mine because it was very much like the above episode. But there is one thing I would change. If Will Ryan could have gone back and re-recorded the scene when he gets electricuted, it would have sounded better. Yeah he did a pretty good job sounding "electricuted," but it didn't sound completely real.

This was a great episode (along with the one above) to end the Spring 2000 season. Eugene didn't sound the same either. Actually the only person who didn't sound a little nervous was Blake Ewing (Nathaniel Graham). But I congratulate everyone for having the courage to stand up there and go through with it all!

I'd also like to say that I enjoyed how they portray Mandy as a writer, because I share her same interests. I like to write too!

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