Episode Reviewed: A Matter of Manners/The Seven Deadly Dwarves (446)

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A Matter of Manners

I was fully and totally unpleased with these two split episodes! To start off with "A Matter of Manners," well... how should I say this? IT'S DUMB!!! Anyone in their own right mind knows that a public school system wouldn't allow two kids to walk around the school looking for rude people by ranking them. Schools always teach kids not to make other people feel bad. Whoever wrote this episode really needs some new ideas.

There is also another problem with the story. Whit wouldn't allow kids to walk around with a dorky buzzer at Whit's End called "The Manners Police" or whatever they called themselves. Also the part at the end when they have to prove themselves to the job by eating ice cream was a total waste of story, and I was bored listening to the whole little ordeal.


The Seven Deadly Dwarves

As mentioned above, this episode is definitely a thumbs down. Refer to "Bethany's Flood" for another thumbs down. This episode is very similar to that one and boy... It is boring! They got some pretty good voices for the dwarves, but when they made the joke, "And don't even try that dot com joke," I was annoyed. They were referring to www.amazon.com. I mean, the official Adventures in Odyssey site won't even post links to harmless little AIO fan sites on a links page, but "The Seven Deadly Dwarves" advertises amazon.com. Does that seem rather odd to you?

This story could have been better if...they didn't make it at all!

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