Episode Reviewed: Career Moves/The Bad Guy (444)

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Career Moves

"Career Moves" makes one of the few split episodes that I actually enjoyed. In my opinion, they should have placed this one into an album instead of that stupid one called "The Seven Deadly Dwarves." I like how Nathaniel is the main character this time, seeing how he's not one of the most used characters on the show that much.

It's kind of funny how Bart tells him to do just the opposite of how a store should act. Hmm... Maybe that is why AIO never placed it into an album. Either that or they couldn't fit it in and someone just made a poor choice as to what went into "In Your Wildest Dreams."


The Bad Guy

This split episode wasn't that bad of an episode, but it wasn't the greatest. I like episodes where each scene is long, not ten to fifteen seconds long. That's one of the reasons I don't like splits. You can't get to know the characters as well as half hour shows.

 Nick Mulligan was kind of a bad actor in this episode (actually all of them were bad actors, one of the reasons I don't like splits; no emotional scenes).

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