Episode Reviewed: B-TV: Redeeming the Season (434)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"B-TV: Redeeming the Season" wasn't the best B-TV that I have ever heard, but it is still pretty good. It's kind of sappy about the whole Santa Claus thing, but I am glad they told the true story of how the "legend," if you will, got started.

One thing I would like to point out in this episode is how one of the characters just finishes praying, but then he sort of mumbles a complaint to himself... and God says, "I heard that!" I think that was very disrespectful to God. Don't you?

I like how during the entire episode, Eugene tries and tries to play his ukelele for everyone but just can't seem to because someone walks up and starts interrupting. But I was glad that in the end, he was able to play a song. What gets me is, how come AIO fans like Eugene's songs, but Bernard, Connie, Whit, and everyone else can't stand his playing? Well it's only just a thought.

This episode is very superb in everything, minus the irreverence towards God.

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