Episode Reviewed: You Win Some, You Lose Some (432)

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Does it seem like it to just me that "You Win Some, You Lose Some" is very true? Not only does it brng back the old days of Odyssey when Connie would tell what's up in her life, it also shows what today's kids are coming to. I am not saying that all kids act like the characters of this episode, but in many ways, a lot of them do. I noticed that in movies, books, and television kids have a different attitude toward the upper authorities.

This episode brought out Liz's worst side. She has always been pretty much a stuck up snotty character, but now she has resorted to making fun of Connie, bring down her reputation, and totally proving what today's kids have become.

I liked the way Connie handled the situation though. She was very calm and collected when she was being made fun of (you could tell she was angry though), and you could see her Christian side kicking in. Connie is a perfect character for this episode, and I am also glad that Tom Riley was in this episode.

If you want to see how today's kids are becoming, hear "You Win Some, You Lose Some."

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