Episode Reviewed: The Eternal Birthday/Bethany's Imaginary Friend (428)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):


The Eternal Birthday

This episode was just dumb! Not only does it copycat the movie called "Groundhog Day," it is just dumb as well! I couldn't stand Liz when she insulted Alex Jefferson when he gave her a "turtle sweater." Alex is actually a nice person. And I couldn't stand it when they said "Choca Mocha Chocolate Cake With Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice Cream." I couldn't stand that!

This episode is dumb: not original, stupid, not worth hearing, stale, bland, insipid, lifeless... you get the idea.


Bethany's Imaginary Friend

You know, this episode was dumb as well. Everyone knows that it isn't bad to have an imaginary friend. AIO really didn't have to waste an episode on such a stupid topic. You can just tell that AIO was running out of split episode ideas. That's one of the reasons that they do NOT work.

Yes, I like how Aubrey tells the story through her journal, but you know... that is the only thing I like about this episode. The other stuff is just boring.

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