Episode Reviewed: Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion I & II (422, 423)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

Wow! This episode was one of the best of its kind when it came out. I remember hearing the interesting 30 to 40 second commercial back when they were making a big rant about it. I remember thinking, "Is AIO going to end the series?" because the commercial made it out like it could end. I was imagining someone from our world slipping into "Marus" and then come back and bring the rest of the people of Odyssey to live in the new world because the town of Odyssey was being destroyed. I imagined how the episode would end. I thought that they should end it off with Whit saying something like, "Only God knows what's on the other side of that world, and we will take the adventure he shall give us," or something like that. They'd all fall through whatever and then there would be a big round of applause to end it. It all sounds kind of dumb, but I bet AIO would know how to not make it sound the way I made it sound.

"Passages" was so so interesting all the way through. Marus became very real to me. I am glad that Paul McCusker ended up mentioning this episode in one of his "Passages" books. It brings it all the life for the reader. Although I am not really pleased hearing Nathaniel's voice for Timmy Riley, the episode is still magnificent the way through.

I feel sorry for Alice. What will become of her? I think that AIO should have Alice come back for a visit, just to check up on Tom and his beliefs of Marus, and he'll say he believes in it or something along those lines. I definitely recommend this to any AIO fan, and I also recommend that you read the books. They are twice as good as the first book series by Paul McCusker.

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