Episode Reviewed: It's a Pokenberry Christmas I & II (385, 386)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

This episode is really interesting, but it's just not original enough for a program like Adventures in Odyssey. I don't really like the episode because well... we may as well be calling it "It's a Wonderful George Barclay Life." It's so unoriginal.

Although this episode was rather copycat-ish, I like it because we have an update with the Barclays. I think that we ought to hear from the Barclays every three to four albums, considering they were AIO fans' favorite characters throughout the years. I hate it because all the sudden this nice family just leaves and it's a depressing ending. We should at least hear from them every once in a while because AIO fans want that. I definitely wan that! Most AIO fans were upset when Whit left, let alone the Barclays!

I recommend this episode only sometime near or on Christmas Day. There are a lot of similarities (too many!) between the two similar stories of "It's a Wonderful Life" and "It's a Pokenberry Christmas," beginning with the title itself.

This episode makes me believe that Odyssey is in the state of Ohio, either that, or it's in Illinois. Illinois was my dad's idea.

A few years ago my neighbor heard this episode and wanted to borrow it! He must have borrowed it at least ten times throughout the summer! He's my age. This episode really makes you think. I can't get over how realistic they made this one. Just imagine this one as a Radio Theatre!

Definitely listen to this one. It's a definite yes!

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