Episode Reviewed: One Bad Apple (128)

Rating (out of 5 cones):

"One Bad Apple" was a very original episode. The moral was only done once throughout AIO. That seems rather odd to me. Adventures in Odyssey has done pretty much every topic at least three times. It seems like they would pursue this one more often.

I was surprised that they didn't place this one into an album because in "Darkness Before Dawn" they mention the Edgebiter thing over and over, and it won't make sense to some people who have never heard "One Bad Apple." You would think that AIO would have left that out in "Darkness Before Dawn."

Other than that, this episode is one of a kind. The acting wasn't so good (Ex: Tom whispering at night to Curt and Whit, which I thought sounded pretty cheesy for AIO) and the music wasn't all that original. I just wish they would have put this into an album.

You know what they need to do? Put all the ones they failed to place into albums into a Classics album. That way when you listen to "Darkness Before Dawn" you will know what they're referring to.

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