Episode Reviewed: Castles and Cauldrons I & II (122, 123)

Rating (out of 5 cones):

This episode is a very serious one. If you are twelve years of age and younger, I would automatically consider listening to this with your parents in the room with you.

This episode deals with fantasy role playing Games. Some are harmless enough, but others may be a little more than you expect. They may even contain demons and Satan worship! If I were you, I would just avoid role playing games all-together!

AIO did a great job informing young kids about the dangers of RPG's. Focus on the Family has been gifted with many wonderful talents. AIO needs to definitely do more episodes dealing with these types of games, because, in my opinion, one episode won't shoot for the kill as easily as two or three. If you repeat some things in children's minds, then they will believe that this is a serious thing to be paying attention to. It's just a thought.

AIO did a superb job with the sounds. I think that that will cause some youngsters to avoid these dangerous games. I really love this episode.

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