Episode Reviewed: The Battle I & II (83, 84)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"The Battle" was a perfect Blackgaard episode. Even though it seems like it was made recently, it was actually made near the beginning of Adventures in Odyssey. The production quality was amazing! I was stuck to this episode all the way through! I would have died if I turned off the radio and went down to eat Doritos or something!

I thought for sure that Dr. Blackgaard would catch Lucy next to those boxes! I was so relieved that he thought Sasha made the loud noise! Just imagine being in Lucy's place, having just learned that you're being manipulated for the past few weeks for some criminal!

In my opinion, this episode was outstanding in each and every aspect. If I had the chance to hear it for the first time all over again, I definitely would say yes, only because it's creepy the first time you hear it! Blackgaard's character was a perfect installment to the bad guys list!

The music was superb even though there's no particular toon. Music really adds a lot to this episode. Imagine if they were to remake this show! The music would be really creepy!

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