Episode Reviewed: Heatwave (82)

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What a great episode! The first time I heard this episode was on December 27th, 1996. I had been a fan for years, but for some reason I couldn't seem to get my hands on "Daring Deeds, Sinister Schemes," the Adventures in Odyssey album. Thankfully I finally received it for Christmas, and two days later, I finally got to hear "Heatwave" that my cousin had been raving about.

The reason I wanted to hear it was because I was informed that it is a very interesting and funny episode. My cousin wasn't wrong. I loved this episode! Every time I hear "Heatwave," I look forward to the corny (which would be considered stupid according to the real world) jokes that are played out in the show. I like how AIO incorporated the bad joke buzzer into the story.

What I would have preferred the AIO writers and/or producers to not have done was make them talk about why Digger built Wonderworld as much. I mean, Digger spent so much time explaining. Well, you get the idea.

I think that the production quality was done extremely extraordinarily well, and the sound quality was stupendous! Maybe it was just the copy of the tape I received...?

I had hoped that AIO would use Digger Digwillow as a character later on, but they never did. However, I wish they would have made Jimmy as the one who built the Wonderworld Treehouse.

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