Episode Reviewed: Eugene's Dilemma (76)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"Eugene's Dilemma" really varied with me. Sometimes I like it, other times I don't. I honestly think that AIO could have come up with a better episode than what they did here. I mean, it seemed rather stale. But the story is good though. See, it's hard to explain.

I learned that the voice of Nicholas Adamsworth was actually played by a fifty-year ol man! What talent! Wonder how he got his voice that high?

I really enjoy the part where Whit offers Eugene his job back to work at Whit's End. I am glad that Whit was on the board of whatever you call thems at the college. If Whit hadn't known about it, who knows where Eugene may have ended up now?

I was glad that they added the character named Richard Maxwell in this episode. Somehow I just knew that he would tie into the story later. Just call it a hunch. AIO did a great job portraying his attitude, because later in "Darkness Before Dawn," you see a definite good side to Richard. And even before that in "The Homecoming," you see his change. If only Tom Riley would have forgiven him!

I enjoyed this episode. Listen to it if you're a Blackgaard saga fan!

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