Episode Reviewed: Connie Goes to Camp I & II (74, 75)

Rating (Out of 5 stars):

"Connie Goes to Camp" is probably one of my very favorite Camp What-A-Nut adventures. Every scene was done perfectly and with tons of detail.

I really like how Connie, through a few circumstances at camp, learned a lesson about why she was in the wrong because of that whole Applesauce program mistake. It really shows Connie's newfound wisdom as she matures as a new Christian. I felt so sorry for Connie in this episode because she hadn't learned her lesson yet. I also felt sorry for her in the days to come because she didn't tell Whit what she learned, and that caused her to think badly towards Whit, and Whit had to pray more. That is one thing I'd definitely change about these episodes. Definitely hire back Connie before Eugene! Eugene doesn't really jump to conclusions as Connie does. I could really tell what Connie was feeling in each scene.

Now, back to "Connie Goes to Camp." I really liked the character of Miss Needlebark, who was actually played by a man. She wasn't the most original of characters, but she added a weird feeling to the episode, which I think made it interesting. I liked her personality because she seemed rather looney. Come one... No one in their right mind gets that emotional over a caterpillar turning into a butterfly! Her character really added life to an already great episode.

In the end of the episode, I like the emotional stress that Lucy has gone through. She really seems rather angry, if you will, towards Connie and Ms. Needlebark. I actually felt sorry for Lucy at one point, because you can take her side. But if you take Connie's side that weighs every other side of the situation out.

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