Episode Reviewed: What Are We Gonna Do About Halloween? (45)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

I think that this has been one of the most original episodes of AIO so far, in that they really ephasized on how Halloween is really an evil day and what you can do instead of participating in the holiday.

I have only heard "What Are We Gonna Do About Halloween?" once in my entire life. That's probably because it's one that hasn't been placed in an AIO Album yet. Maybe they'll add it into one of the classics albums? I really like how Whit explained why Halloween is Satan's night. Putting Hallow's Eve into a new perspective was a very good thing for AIO to do.

There's one thing that I have been wondering... Why didn't Focus on the Family add this one into an album? Maybe it's because many children would be offended because they participate in the "what seems like harmless" activities of the day. Whatever the reason, I still believe that this episode deserves an album. If it was placed into an album, who knows how many Christian kids would stop participating?

The episode wasn't the most quality story or the most unique. It was just a new look to Adventures in Odyssey that I wish they would place in an alum or something! I don't like the new Whit as much as the old one. The old one seemed so loving, and the new one seems so uncaring. There aren't anymore scenes with Whit explaining to kids teaching them valuable lessons like "What Are We Gonna Do About Halloween" does.

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