Episode Reviewed: Whit's Flop (1)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"Whit's Flop" was, in my opinion, the best idea for a first episode of Adventures in Odyssey. By choosing that of all topics, AIO was saying that they aren't perfect and might not survive as a radio drama.

Back when I first received "The Early Classics" for my birthday years ago, I thought this episode was really interesting, and to tell you the truth, it still is. Nobody's going to change my mind. Yeah, it's boring in some areas, but nothing will change my mind that it's a good episode because I admire AIO for doing such a controversial topic. Well, for AIO at least. That episode, in my opinion, led them to succeeding.

I recommend "The Early Classics" and "Whit's Flop" to all new listeners of Adventures in Odyssey, because the first album explain certain things that tie in later, such as the Fillmore Recreation Center, Whit's Wife, Jenny, and how Connie came to work at Whit's End.

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