Mysteries in Odyssey 1:
The Case of the Mysterious Message

Sleuthing never seemed so dangerous.


When Cal and Sarah discover the remains of a 1960s mail truck, they stumble onto a lost romance, a murder threat, and a crime that could implicate some very powerful people! Against their better judgment, Connie and Eugene dive into the case, and long-held secrets pull the foursome into real danger. It takes patience, diligence, and eventually forgiveness to save our Odyssey friends this time!



About the Author

Marshal Younger is producer for Focus on the Family's audio drama Adventures in Odyssey, a show for which he has written more than 100 episodes. He is the author of several children's novels and has served as writer/producer of innovative projects such as Treasure of the Incas CD-ROM game and Answer That! Adventures in Odyssey DVD game. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Stephanie, and their son and three daughters.


Book Details
  • A poll was conducted at the Official Site shortly before this book series was released. Fans voted "mysteries" as the type of book series they were interested in seeing next. The Mysteries in Odyssey series was the result.



No longer available from Focus on the Family.

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