Gold Audio 8:
Beyond Expectations

The town of Odyssey is abuzz. Is Curt really giving everyone free ice cream? Who stole $100 from the Whit’s End cash register? And forget all Mr. Whittaker really getting married?!? The kids in Odyssey find the answers in this exciting collection, with parables on superstitions, not-so-innocent games, and more.

Episodes Included
Bonus Features
  • The creation of Bernard Walton
  • Scene from never-produced episode "Backwoods Jacobs"
  • The creation of Bart Rathbone
  • Behind-the-scenes color booklet
  • Never-before-available episode "The Adventure of the Adventure" on MP3
Album Notes

Beyond Expectations was originally released as Cunning Capers, Exciting Escapades. All episodes from the original release were carried over to the newer release, along with a thirteenth episode, An Act of Mercy. The original first album, The Early Classics, introduced the Rathbones long before they arrived in Odyssey. The revision to Beyond Expectations places them back in their correct place on the Odyssey timeline.

The Gold Audio Series was released during a time when CDs has become the main media format. Each album contained episodes which were "digitally re-mastered."


No longer available from Focus on the Family.

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