Family Portraits
In 1987, Focus on the Family aired an experimental radio drama called Family Portraits. It featured the first adventures of John Avery Whittaker, Tom Riley, and many others in the small town of Odyssey. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback, Focus decided to launch into full-scale production on what became Adventures in Odyssey. You can now enjoy all twelve episodes in this exclusive collection of the first family audio dramas by Focus on the Family. As you join Whit and his friends in Odyssey for the very first time, timeless truths will be revealed about sibling rivalry, the consequences of lying, peer pressure, parent-child relationships, and the effects of divorce. Also included: A half-hour roundtable discussion with Chuck Bolte, Phil Lollar, and Steve Harris about the creation of the series.


Episodes Included
  • Roundtable discussion featuring Chuck Bolte, Phil Lollar, and Steve Harris on the creation of "Family Portraits", leading to Adventures in Odyssey (approx. 32 minutes)


Album Notes

Family Portraits is an Adventures in Odyssey album offered exclusively as a download. This special collection of episodes features the test series preceding Odyssey USA, and ultimately Adventures in Odyssey.


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