Family Portraits

Focus on the Family‘s popular radio drama series, Family Portraits, has captured the hearts and imaginations of listeners — young and old. This heart-warming collection of 13 family-oriented stories follows the continuing adventures of John Avery Whittaker (Whit) and his friends, residents of the town of Odyssey. Through their everyday foibles and frustrations, these characters illuminate the daily struggles we all face: sibling rivalry, the consequences of lying, the effects of divorce on kids, peer pressure, teen rebellion and the relationship between children and their parents.

These Family Portraits episodes are certain to find many practical uses around your home.


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This was the first collection of episodes Focus on the Family produced. As a test series, Family Portraits would pave the way for the popular program, Adventures in Odyssey. Select episodes from this album are available in other current releases.



No longer available from Focus on the Family.

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