The Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey


Here's everything "Adventures in Odyssey" fans have ever wanted to know about their favorite radio show. This 300-page "encyclopedia" provides a behind-the-scenes look at story synopses, character histories, anecdotal trivia and much, much more from the actors and writers who were there!



Episodes Included

210: On Solid Ground

087: Elijah I

088: Elijah II

165: Bernard & Esther I

166: Bernard & Esther II

190: Moses: The Passover I

191: Moses: The Passover II

130:Bernard and Joseph I

131: Bernard and Joseph II

056: By Faith, Noah

360: Three Funerals and a Wedding I

361: Three Funerals and a Wedding II



Book Details


This Complete Guide included a special color section in the middle containing pictures of the actors and AIO artwork. The book itself features tons of episode trivia, a special section dedicated to Hal Smith, and lots more. A true AIO find.



No longer available from Focus on the Family.

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