Bible Eyewitness:
Collector's Set
Experience the fierce battle at Jericho and the huge city walls tumbling around you! Sense the heat of the fire coming down from heaven as Elijah calls out to God. Feel the splash as Moses parts the Red Sea, right in front of your very ears! Now you can be an eyewitness to some of the greatest Bible miracles and stories ever produced for radio in this collector's set, featuring 36 exciting Odyssey episodes! In each of these previously released audio dramas, faith comes to life in a new way, and you will understand and experience the Bible in ways you never imagined.


Episodes Included

317: B-TV: Envy
416: The Tower
210: On Solid Ground

272: Two Brothers...and Bernard I
273: Two Brothers...and Bernard II
130: Bernard and Joseph I

131: Bernard and Joseph II
190: Moses: The Passover I
191: Moses: The Passover II

292: Siege at Jericho
568: The Power of One
389: O.T. Action News: Jephthah's Vow


360: Three Funerals and a Wedding I
361: Three Funerals and a Wedding II
541: Bernard and Saul

46: The Shepherd and the Giant
87: Elijah I
88: Elijah II

165: Bernard and Esther I
166: Bernard and Esther II
399: Bernard and Job

237: Deliver Us from Evil
135: Back to Bethlehem I
136: Back to Bethlehem II


137: Back to Bethlehem III
176: The Star I
177: The Star II

449: The Big Deal I
450: The Big Deal II
141: Over the Airwaves

229: The Marriage Feast
226: An Adventure in Bethany I
227: An Adventure in Bethany II

66: The Imagination Station I
67: The Imagination Station II
80: A Prisoner for Christ

Album Notes

Bible Eyewitness is intended for "Casual Fans" (those who own very few albums, but would like to get a full understanding of the show's full range). This album contains 12 CDs with a total of 36 episodes. The set is divided into three wallets containing 4 CDs each.

Bible Eyewitness complements the Bible Eyewitness: Hall of Faith quite well. Both products are similar in design and purpose.

This album is not a re-release of the classics album Bible Eyewitness: Old Testament and Bible Eyewitness: New Testament.


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