Adventures in Odyssey DVD Collection:
Volume 1

The wonderful and exciting world of Adventures in Odyssey is now brought to your TV! This DVD collection brings 4 inspiring animated episodes to life for the whole family. Each character-building episode teaches lasting truths to kids...and kids at heart. Don't miss out on the adventures! Gather around the TV and enjoy this special collection of memorable Adventures in Odyssey episodes, all previously released.



Episodes Included


About the Series

Based on the success of Focus on the Family's award-winning McGee and Me! video series, the Adventures in Odyssey video series was developed featuring the same art style with a Classic Disney look. While the audio series is primarily targeted for an audience of 8 to 12 year-olds, the video series is geared for a younger audience.


Product Notes


This is part of a three-volume set. Purchasing volumes 1-3 is comparable to buying the animated episodes separately.




No longer available from Focus on the Family.

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