Adventures in Odyssey 30th Birthday Live Show
On Nov. 15, 2017, a capacity crowd filled the largest theater aboard the Disney Dream to celebrate Adventures in Odyssey's 30th birthday. It was quite a stage show brimming with skits, music, laughs—even sound effects performed right before your eyes. Now you can enjoy every minute of that live celebration in the Club. Set sail with your favorite voice actors, Odyssey crew, and a few surprise guests for all of the fun we could fit onboard and still stay afloat. (All-you-can-eat buffet not included.)

  • Experience all of the skits, music, laughs—even Foley effects performed live by AIO sound designer Christopher Diehl. Others appearing onstage included Katie Leigh (Connie), Will Ryan (Eugene), Jess Harnell (Wooton), Andre Stojka (Whit), Townsend Coleman (Jason), Shona Kennedy (Jules) and Phil Lollar (Dale). You'll also enjoy special appearances by Chuck Bolte, host Chris Anthony, the Westcott Girls and our 2017 Get in the Show winner, Grayson Smith.

Product Notes

Adventures in Odyssey 30th Birthday Live Show is available exclusively to members of the Adventures in Odyssey Club as a club benefit. The Adventures in Odyssey Club (AIOC) is a subscription-based club which includes the entire Adventures in Odyssey audio series of episodes, animated series, Last Chance Detectives, and more.


Adventures in Odysey Club Access

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