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Watch behind-the-scenes interviews with the creators of Adventures in Odyssey.


Katie Leigh at Huntington University  << November 10, 2011
Filmmaker Nathan Hartman interviewed Katie Leigh, voice of Adventures in Odyssey's Connie Kendall, on the campus of Huntington University. Katie discusses breaking into her acting career, her many roles, and ultimately what led her to do voice work for Adventures in Odyssey.

Nathan Hoobler on Boundless' "Next-Generation Focus" Webcast  << May 27, 2010
Nathan Hoobler appeared on the first "Next-Generation Focus" webcast at Boundless to discuss Radio Theatre and Adventures in Odyssey. He talks about The Screwtape Letters' recent nomination for the Audie Awards and future Radio Theatre ideas. Then, go behind the scenes as he discusses how he became involved with Adventures in Odyssey. Plus, learn more about the Odyssey team's approach to album 51, Take It from the Top and some of the sound design aspects of the show.

Paul McCusker & Dave Arnold on Cornerstone Television  << June 17, 2009
Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold appeared on Cornerstone Television Network's Focus 4 program regarding the popularity of Adventures in Odyssey. In the interview, they discuss Odyssey's beginnings, news about latest products, and exciting opportunities to reach more audiences with the show.

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