Yes, you have a story as well.
And we'd love to hear it and share it with the countless others who visit The Odyssey Scoop. Share memories, favorite episodes, and how the show has impacted you. Tell us how long you've been listening to Adventures in Odyssey. Give the people who read your interview a reason to keep reading. As your prepare your interview, please keep the following in mind:
  • Do not type in ALL CAPS. Your submission may not be accepted.

  • Be interesting!

  • REMEMBER: One sentence answers are not fun to read. And please do your best to avoid grammatical mistakes. Not all submissions will be posted at The Odyssey Scoop unless they are considered to have reading value. Try to be as lengthy as possible. The more words you say, the more the reader is interested. But don't just write fluff.

  • Submissions received with multiple questions skipped will not be posted.

  • Heed all these guidelines and your interview will be posted.

  • Most of all, have fun!





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How long have you been a fan of Adventures in Odyssey?

  What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode?
  Who is your favorite character and why?

Which character do you resemble the most and why?

  If you could meet one actor or actress from the show, who would it be and why?

How do you imagine Whit's End and the town of Odyssey?

  If you could change anything about Adventures in Odyssey, what would it be and why?

What is your favorite AIO website?


What is your favorite part of visiting The Odyssey Scoop? What keeps you coming back?


In your opinion, what would you do to improve The Odyssey Scoop?


If you had your own Adventures in Odyssey fan site, what would you put on it?


Do you have any last comments, suggestions, or questions? I will reply to any questions on the interview.

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