September 9, 2011


How long have you been a fan of Adventures in Odyssey?

I have been a fan of Adventures in Odyssey for as long as I can remember. When I was very young, our family began listening to the broadcasted episodes on the radio, and I remember we would listen to them every time they were on. We had two radio stations in our area that would play episodes at different times, so sometimes we would actually listen to the same episode twice in one night. If that's not an Odyssey fan, I don't know what is!


What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode?

This is an incredibly hard question to answer... But, if I had to choose, I would say that my favorite episodes would be Malachi's Message and Someone to Watch Over Me. I just love the thought of angels being all around us and protecting us, and to have those thoughts actually written out into episodes of Adventures in Odyssey really appeals to me.


Who is your favorite character and why?

This question is even harder than the previous one! There are so many characters that I love for so many different reasons... I like Whit and Jack Allen because they're so wise and caring, and I love Connie, Eugene, and Wooton because they always make me laugh. Edwin Blackgaard is also one of my favorites (just because he's so completely dramatic and everything has to be exaggerated with him), as is Alex Jefferson and Jason Whittaker. Oh, and I think something has to be said about the fact that I really miss Mitch and Rodney Rathbone.


Which character do you resemble the most and why?

I think that there are aspects of me that resemble a few different characters... Overall, though, I think that I could safely say that I resemble Mandy Straussberg a lot. We both love to write and we both really care about our families. However, I think I'm probably a lot shyer than she is. Actually, I have yet to come across a character that is as shy as I am. Hm...that might be a good addition to the show...


If you could meet one actor or actress from the show, who would it be and why?

Well, two of the actors that I would have loved to meet have both passed away... Of the ones that are still living, I would really like to meet Will Ryan, Katie Leigh, and the guys who played Jimmy Barclay and Jared DeWhite. Oh, and Nathan Carlson. I definitely can't forget about Nathan Carlson.


How do you imagine Whit's End and the town of Odyssey?

Well, my image of Odyssey has changed a little bit in the past couple of years. I used to think of it as a very, very small town, because I lived in this tiny little town with one stoplight. (If that doesn't give you enough perspective, we only had two fast food restaraunts, and one of them was a Subway inside of a gas station.) However, I recently moved to a new town that's larger, but still not as big as a city. After moving here I realized that Odyssey had to be a little bigger than I had previously thought, or else how would Whit be able to keep that ice cream parlor running?

As to my image of Whit's End... I honestly can't describe it. At least, I can't describe it very well in just one paragraph. I mean, the place has to be huge because it has so many rooms in it, none of which are very small by themselves, and it has three levels to it, plus an attic... You know, I'm just going to stop here before I completely run out of room and start to bore people to death.


If you could change anything about Adventures in Odyssey, what would it be and why?

I would change the transition from Paul Herlinger to Andre Stojka. To me, it just seems like it was kind of abrupt. When Hal Smith passed away, there was a huge story arc where Whit went on a long journey then went into hiding and we didn't hear from him for a long time. I feel like that was a really smart move by the writers, because it kept Odyssey going while still taking Whit out of the picture for a long enough time to find a new voice for him. Plus, when we finally did hear from him again, there had been a long enough break where the change in his voice wasn't quite so glaring.


What is your favorite AIO website?

I really haven't looked at many websites dedicated to Adventures in Odyssey... But even if I had, wouldn't it be rude to say that another website was my favorite while I'm filling out an interview from this one?


What is your favorite part of visiting The Odyssey Scoop? What keeps you coming back?

I really like the interviews. Hence me filling one out. I also like the blog posts, because they're entertaining and and informative.


In your opinion, what would you do to improve The Odyssey Scoop?

I don't know a whole lot about technology, and I know nothing about websites, so any suggestions I give you would probably be useless. (Hahaha...)


If you had your own Adventures in Odyssey fan site, what would you put on it?

I would try to put a lot of interviews on it, mostly because I want to interview a lot of the people who work at Adventures in Odyssey. I'm really not sure as to what else I'd put on it besides Odyssey news and updates...


Do you have any last comments, suggestions, or questions?

I'd just like to say that this site is set up really well, and I like this "fan interview" feature. Keep up the great work!

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