November 29, 2010


How long have you been a fan of Adventures in Odyssey?

I have just recently become a fan of AIO but love it very much. I have the older version of the Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey and have been looking up episodes in it after listening to them.


What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode?

My favorite AIO episodes are all The BTV Episodes. I like the stories and it is quite humorous at times.


Who is your favorite character and why?

My favorite character is Eugene because the way he says things that are so intellectual and funny too on the other hand. He has a very unique character.


Which character do you resemble the most and why?

I think I resemble Connie the most. I am like her in a lot of ways.


If you could meet one actor or actress from the show, who would it be and why?

I would want to meet Katie Leigh because it is just so cool keeping the same voice for so many years. Plus the voice she does is a teenager.


How do you imagine Whit's End and the town of Odyssey?

I imagine Whit's End to be friendly like and welcoming to people.


If you could change anything about Adventures in Odyssey, what would it be and why?

I would not change anything. It's already so great!


What is your favorite AIO website?

It is the main website- whitsend.org


What is your favorite part of visiting The Odyssey Scoop? What keeps you coming back?

The interviews and the free episodes.


In your opinion, what would you do to improve The Odyssey Scoop?

Nothing. It's great!!


If you had your own Adventures in Odyssey fan site, what would you put on it?

I would put the link to The Media Center of Focus on the family so that the fans can listen.

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