September 13, 2011


How long have you been a fan of Adventures in Odyssey?

When I was turning seven, my aunt sent me "The Big Picture" for my birthday. I totally had no idea what it was, but I grudgingly popped the first tape in my old-school tape player and listened. And I was hooked. My older sister quickly followed suit, and I've been listening (way too much) ever since.


What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode?

Just one? Wow. Toughie. I really liked "Grand Opening" from "Countermoves." I listened to it over and over and over again when I was younger. I can quote pretty much the whole thing, with emphasis on the three-way conversation among Cal, Alex, and Sarah. Yes, I know it's not really something to be proud of, but it's true.


Who is your favorite character and why?

Totally Richard Maxwell. He's just so... remarkable. It's like there's billions of different sides to him, like it starts out that he's bad (but I still couldn't help liking him), and then he gets kind of good (and I'm like, "YES I knew he rocked!"), and then he's REALLY good (more celebrating), and then he's adorable (well, we already knew that), and then..... I just really like him. No, love. Yeah, it's definitely love.


Which character do you resemble the most and why?

Honestly, probably Connie. I talk too much and don't listen enough, and I have trouble with my hair. But every now and then I have a moment of brilliance.


If you could meet one actor or actress from the show, who would it be and why?

Probably Katie Leigh, because she's been there for so incredibly long, and she's seen all the characters (including herself) grow up in the land of Odyssey. I think she'd have some really interesting takes on everything going on. I love that she's still with the team. I would say Nathan Carlson (Richard Maxwell's voice) but I think that would be super-odd for me considering the crush I had on his character a few years back.. And it would be very disillusioning.


How do you imagine Whit's End and the town of Odyssey?

A lot like any old ice cream shop - except with employees that actually care about their customers. And a lot of uber-cool rooms. And, um, an imagination station. And a lot more happening then any other place in town. I can imagine it being blue for some reason... Imagine my distress when I realized it was pink.


If you could change anything about Adventures in Odyssey, what would it be and why?

Katrina. I'm sorry, Katrina, she rocks and everything, but she always seemed too.... normal for Odyssey. And I kind of thought that Connie and Eugene would make a lovely couple one day... *sigh* But you can't always get what you want. Which is actually good, because.... They really wouldn't make a good couple, would they? Nevermind. But Katrina still isn't my favorite.


What is your favorite AIO website?

I like this one!


What is your favorite part of visiting The Odyssey Scoop? What keeps you coming back?

The polls! And the FAQ. I like to know that I'm probably not the only one with AIOOD(Adventures in Odyssesy Obsessive Disorder).


In your opinion, what would you do to improve The Odyssey Scoop?

Improve? This website? You kidding?


If you had your own Adventures in Odyssey fan site, what would you put on it?

Free downloads of AIO. Wait-that's illegal isn't it? Nevermind! Well, I definitely wouldn't put anything illegal on it! And it would probably be full of my rantings about everything. So it's a good thing I don't have my own, hm?

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