November 25, 2010


How long have you been a fan of Adventures in Odyssey?

I got the first album for my ninth birthday, and immediately fell in love with them. I'm only up to the tenth album, but that's good because I have so much more odyssey to look forward to!


What is your favorite Adventures in Odyssey episode?

It's a tie between 'Ice Fishing' and 'Back to Bethlehem'. 'Ice Fishing kept me interested with it's dash of comedy, and taught me how to be okay with myself. 'Back to Bethlehem' elated me when Eugene was touched by God and had something more to his life tghan just computers.


Who is your favorite character and why?

Connie, hands down. She is just like me in a lot of ways. She doesn't go with the flow. She wants to know the reason for everything, and looks to God for those 'biggie' answers. I look up to her, even though she isn't real!


Which character do you resemble the most and why?

Robyn Jacobs. (is it spelled with an 'i' or a 'y'? not sure) We are both not perfect and provide many examples every day. We both have a younger sister who we have trouble understanding at times. Have a great circle of friends, who we rely on to lift us up when we are down.


If you could meet one actor or actress from the show, who would it be and why?

Sage Bolte (Robyn Jacobs). I would have so many questions about how it was to work with her family, her favorite episode, etc.


How do you imagine Whit's End and the town of Odyssey?

I imagine Odyssey as the ideal town. Almost like a town you would see in those old west movies, with modern touches. Whits End. A white painted, 2-story building, bustling with kids every day. The bible room is filled with displays and books, the inventors corner booming with futuristic devices, and the counter a chatting place for Whit, Connie, Eugene, and the kids.


If you could change anything about Adventures in Odyssey, what would it be and why?

I would keep some of the original kid characters. They keep disappearing and new ones show up. I want Lucy, Robyn, Jack, Kurt, Jimmy and Donna to stay kids forever.


What is your favorite AIO website?

This one.


What is your favorite part of visiting The Odyssey Scoop? What keeps you coming back?

The 'Where Odyssey is Not,' page. It is so organized and I understand everything I read there.


In your opinion, what would you do to improve The Odyssey Scoop?

I really don't know. You're doing a great job so far.


If you had your own Adventures in Odyssey fan site, what would you put on it?

Pretty much everything here. Along with a link where you could listen to any episode out there.

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