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Paul McCusker & Dave Arnold on Cornerstone Television
June 17, 2009

Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold appeared on Cornerstone Television Network's Focus 4 program regarding the popularity of Adventures in Odyssey. In the interview, they discuss Odyssey's beginnings, news about latest products, and exciting opportunities to reach more audiences with the show.

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Adventures in Odyssey has gained so much popularity in the past few years that opportunities are opening to introduce the show to more audiences. Dave Arnold and Paul McCusker were featured on an interview with the Cornerstone Television Network ( in June 2009. During the interview, they talk about the beginning days of the show, The Official Guide, Adventures in Odyssey Live!, Novacom Saga, the Odyssey video series, and some very exciting news. Things are getting more hopeful for AIO as they have announced an effort to bring Odyssey live-action video to other countries, including India and China. In other words, we (or they) may get to see real actors bring AIO to life. Also, shows are planned for Spanish-speaking people. Things are cooking up, and this has the potential to take Adventures in Odyssey around the globe... literally!


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