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 Post subject: The Blackgaard Chronicles
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I know it's not technically an "episode' but as the Blackgaard Cronicles are based on one of Odyssey's best saga's, and villain's, I thought we could discuss any plot points and/or inconsistencies regarding the books and Episodes.
I thought I'd start the ball rolling as it were, by answering questions that we've all had since "Recollections" came out. I really do recommend it, as we learn about the somewhat tragic past of Richard, how Glossman got involved, and some of Blackgaard's family history. but for those who have wondered for 30 years, and can't wait any longer, here's some of the long awaited answers to the Blackgaard Saga:

"Clara" takes place in the month between Jenny's death and Whit buying the Fillmore recreation centre, about 5 years before "The Battle".

Blackgaard got Glossman involved by threatening to hurt his former girlfriend, who left Glossman due to his Stubburness, which he (Glossman) regrets letting happen.
Richard had a girlfriend called Rachel that died in a house fire, with his depression afterwards leading him to crime. after pulling a few small robberies he is abducted by thugs hired by Glossman (on Blackgaard's orders) to steal applesauce and keep Whit and Tom busy during the meeting. Since Richard had pulled a robbery just before he was abducted, Blackgaard had evidence to give the police if Richard refused to help. Knowing he was in over his head, Richard agreed.

Blackgaard's real name is "Blagueur". his, and Edwin's, father went missing during a war so their mother brought them to America, where the immigration officers misheard their name as "Blackguaard". when he was teased by students and teachers Blackgaard pulled several schemes of revenge which landed a teacher in hospital and earned him the 'respect' he wanted.

Richard only meant to start a small fire to delay Tom, but when he heard the horses inside he went put the fire out, but Tom arrived and called Rachel's name. Richard panicked (remembering his girlfriend's death) and threw a can of water over the flames - except that the water was actually gasoline. Richard went to help Tom but Whit and Connie arrived, so he ran away, terrified and guilt ridden at what had happened, which is why he is so persistant in getting Tom's forgiveness in later episodes.

Richard rigged Blackgaard's Castle to go crazy as revenge for Blackgaard landing Lucy in hospital, and Tom and the horses nearly getting hurt.
Tasha and Donavan downloaded a copy of Applesauce just before Whit erased it, which is how it still exists after "the Battle", they then listened to him destroy the master copy of Applesauce over a 'bug' they hid in Whit's office, just before Tasha gets a call from Jason.

That's basically the main stuff from "Opening Moves" to "Rook's Ruse" but there's one more in the Book 5 Preview

Blackgaard did indeed use a tunnel to escape the fire in "The Battle part 2", a tunnel that connects to Whits End (turns the underground railroad tunnel is actually a series of tunnels leading to key buildings in the town, though only Whit and now Blackgaard know this) and contains the mineral. In a scene set after "The Battle Part 2", Whit finds the tunnel and some boxes with "ebit" labels on them. Whit also finds an old map of the tunnel network he had sent to Jack in an attempt to make up for yelling at him in "Clara", and wonders how Blackgaard got hold of it.

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