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AIO's Post Album 50 Problem with Tone
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Author:  Shadow [ Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:21 pm ]
Post subject:  AIO's Post Album 50 Problem with Tone

Album 50: The Best Small Town is one of Odyssey's best albums, and part of the reason that that it balances the tone with both comedic and serious episodes. This is also why post Novacom is so strong, but Album 51 has none of that.
Album 51 has very few serious episodes, in fact all it has is The Jubilee Singers. This is a drastic change in tone, and it was and is very jarring. They reset character development as well, which is why it is a bad album. This is a problem, and album 52 is even worse in this regard. There are no serious episodes. Zero. Zilch. Zip. And honestly, this problem could have been completely avoided. But after Cause and Effect these tone issues didn't appear...
Until Legacy came out, that is. This episode has AIO's worst Mood Whiplash ever. But you guys know the drama surrounding that episode.
And now I will explain my point. The first episode in Album 51 is The Inspiration Station which is full of jokes from start to finish. Than the rest of the album is comedies. Same is true of 52.
What was the solution? Well it is rather simple. When the Twelfth Doctor premiered they kept on Clara Oswald for a couple of seasons to flesh him out, then killed her off. What is AIO's equivalent to this? It is keeping the Washingtons, Mandy, the McKays, and Trent for 1 or 2 more albums, then removing them and adding in the new families. Interestingly AIO did this when they got Paul Herlinger.
Say it you like this article in the comments below, and tell me some improvements I could make in future articles! Peace out. \:D/

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