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 Post subject: Sir Buddy's Snowy Day
PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:11 pm 
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I expected to write a scathing review for this one but it was actually pretty enjoyable.

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 Post subject: Re: Sir Buddy's Snowy Day
PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:36 pm 
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It was! They did a good job of revising one of my favorite episodes(Snow Day). I really enjoyed it!

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 Post subject: Re: Sir Buddy's Snowy Day
PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:45 pm 
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First off, I will respect anyone's opinion.
Second, I think that you might have made a mistake... because:
:clap: 5 out of 5!

*Jay is back from NZ
**"Didn't your mother teach you never to pummel defenseless bushes?"
**"Don't you know anything about how girls work?" "Nope!" "What do they teach you kids in school these days?"
**Jay didn't use that reasoning in "Mistaken for Good"
*I thought that Jay was in the tree... maybe HE WAS!!
*"Oh, hey! It's bush boy!" "Izzabuhhingweeh!" Buddy is elated so he doesn't notice
*"So why don't you just apologize to her? She lives next door to me, she's nice!" "You're not paying attention, DUBBY!" "It's Buddy."
**"Burly" during the joust
*Zoe's insults of Jay
**"I'll be right here, wringing myself out, thank you very NO!"
*The rapscallion / knave named Smouse
*"And although I would rather report that the chase involved charging steeds and armies of clashed swords, it was little more than two winded youths with snow in their boots."
*Jay: "I just don't wanna show you how in shape I am!"
*Jay starts the crying blame game in front of Olivia
*Jay and Buddy are good foils

*Music was absolutely fantastic; played in excellently to the first scene
**Just kidding about Your Honest Opinion, Please
*I loved the narrator! I think that Ralph Lister is his name
**He keeps saying that dialogue is imaginary
*Wonderful sound effects
*Great theme, infatuation has not been covered enough on Odyssey
*Seems like a classic Odyssey kid episode

'Twas a repeat of Snow Day
*Gumper's Hill!!!
**Olivia: "One kid went all the way down and landed in the pond, I heard!" It was a creek
**Where did he get the garbage can lid?
**"A new epoch in the notable history of Gumpers' hill had been written."
*So Jay IS taking a milder form of Rodney

*Too bad that Buddy's an introvert
*With the thundering sound of:" "Hey Buddy..."
*The basement
**"Uh, maybe sledding would be fun!"
*Sir Dad

*Mrs. Parker: cocoa for me

*I love Buddy
*People keep mentioning that he zones out
**Matthew (I didn't think this story was that boring)
**Jay (I'm spilling my guts out to you and you're drifting off)
*Buddy's dad's great

*Very pretty scene but funny at the same time
*"Buddy's feelings sang out like a male chorus:" O... livia...
*"And though here real utterances held less verse and flair, Sir Buddy's heart did not seem to mind." "AAAAGH! There's a snaaag in this scarf already!"
*Dope, Olivia! You crushed Buddy's heart! (Or maybe Jay actually did it)
**And I thought she liked him after the tree
**"Sir Buddy the Hunk!" "Hunk..." "Did you say 'hunk'?"
**"With one fell stroke, the fair lady Olivia was far less fair..."
*Buddy is quite transparent with Mrs. Parker and his dad
**"She's something." "Oh, she sure is, Mrs. Parker. Your daughter is a gem among common stones." (Sample)
*Again, this demonstrates Buddy's innocence at heart
*He can't think of anything besides Olivia being pretty and nice; Eva Parker has very good insight
**But he completely misses the point
*The last scene makes me wonder, COULD BUDDY BE THAT FICKLE???

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 Post subject: Re: Sir Buddy's Snowy Day
PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:19 pm 
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The throwback to Snow Day was a highlight for me.( That being one of the first episodes I ever heard and what made me fall in love with AIO)

Buddy is just

*Finger guns aggressively*

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