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Grab your AIO albums, and find a table! What makes your favorite episode the best? Have an episode you really dislike? This is the place to review and discuss AIO episodes and albums.
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Post Your 5 Favorite And Least Favorite Albums

Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:32 pm

My Favorites:
5. The Best Small Town. This album shows the basics of Odyssey
4. Countermoves This is a classic album with Plan B 1-4 on it .
3. Darkness Before Dawn The Final Blackgaard album is superb with a wonderful assortment of Blackgaard episodes.
2. Battle Lines This Novacom Album is incredible with many classics and it is wonderful.
1. The Green Ring C Conspiracy
This album is a perfect mystery and has 3 Whittakers in it as well as classic Odyssey Mystery.

Least Favorite
5. Take It From The Top: This had few strong episodes and was weak
4. Cause and Effect Same as above
3. The Adventure Begins Same as abovr
2. In Your Wildest Dreams Split episoxes and very lityle else
1. Virtual Realities This Album's most recognized episode is Blackgaard's Revenge is hated, As well as the first split episodes and the one serious episode is Blackgaard's Revenge so yeah.

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