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MY Top Ten Favorite AIO Albums EVER
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Author:  MonkeyDude [ Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  MY Top Ten Favorite AIO Albums EVER

So I'm aware this has been Done before, But this is MY Top ten Odyssey Albums.

10: Wish You were Here 21#
This album mainly Focused on Bernard and Eugene taking a trip around the country. Which is Hilarious and enjoyable. This is also the start where Whit goes missing and doesn't return for 6-7 albums later.

9: Out of Control 40#
One reason I enjoy this album is its the return of Jared. And he is still the same character we know and love, While he didn't stay long this album has Tons of great episodes. The Mystery of Tin Flat, All about me, and BTV: Behind the scenes are all great episodes. This also marks the End for Alex Jefferson, One of my favorite characters on the show. However, this album is good. and I enjoyed every second of it.

8: No Way Out 42#
Trent and Jared are amazing in this album. Eggshells has to be one of my favorites! Called on in class is also a classic. Jimmy Barclay also returns in an amazing episode. All in All, this is definitely a good album.

7: Virtual Realities 33#
I'm sure there are fans out there who dislike this album, And I can see why. It mainly focuses on the kids, and YES some episodes are a little boring, however, Y.A.K Problem, Another Man's Shoes, Something Clinique Between Us, and The Buck Starts Here, are classics for me. This Album interduces new kids better than they have ever done before, Alex, Liz, Aubrey, Would all play major Roles for the next few album. This album was also where we lost a lot of our Favorites, however. This is the last time we here from Jared( Pre-voice change), and Dwayne. This Album also has the return of DR. Regis Blackard, In a two-parter that gives me chills every time... Despite the weird album cover this album is one of my favorites.

6: Darkness before Dawn 25#
This was the first Saga in Odyssey. And it did well, "The Time Has Come" Is one of the greatest episodes in AIO History, And changed everything. "The Final Conflict" being amazing as well. Jack Allen proves to be just as awesome as Whit, And in this album he stood out to me.

5:Through Thick & Thin 30#
Tornado. The Spy who Bugged Me. A Case of Revenge. Poor Loser. This album has so many of my favorites it's not even funny. Just kidding, It hilarious. Whether it's Bernard beating Eugene at Chess, Or Jared and Dwayne spying on Sarah, Or maybe even Rodney wrecking the science far this album is brilliant. I am almost always laughing when listening to this. But it's not all laughs, in "Tornado", We see one of the most heartwarming moments in odyssey. This album is plain incredible.

4: Hidden Treasure 32#
This album is very underrated, but I can see why. If you have heard it you will probably agree that 'Buried Sin', 'Devil Made Me do It' 'Gloobers' are all good episodes. However 'Malachi's Message' Takes the cake. This episode is so brilliant and well done. I always feel so inspired after listening. It is such an underrated episode.

3: The Green Ring Conspiracy 53#
This album is next to flawless. Amazing story, Amazing Music, Amazing acting. The Green Ring is one of my favorite albums out there. We see Montey, Jay, Wooten, Buck, EMILY( Don't kill me :P ) and many others. This album is amazing. And I cannot praise it enough.

2: Battle Lines 38# It hard not to put this at number one. This album wrapped up the Incredible 'Novacom' Series. And it wrapped it up Amazingly. If you haven't heard Novacom I won't spoil it. BUT ITISEPIC
Danger Signals and Counter Moves.
This is cheating..... But.......Choosing to put Danger Signals Here instead of Battle lines was hard. But my Opinion. Danger Signals Has so many of my favorite episode. Broken Window, Snow Day, And it introduces Wooten!! Counter Moves is thrilling and is smack dab in the middle of Novacom. It had Cliff hangers, Death, And I couldn't stop listening. The whole Novacom Series was so well done, I would've put Battle Lines here two but I had more albums I wanted to do. Everything in Novacom fit like a puzzle piece. A awesome Brain-washing puzzle piece.

So this was just my opinion, and I'm sure yours is defferent. So what is your favorite album?

Author:  Shadow [ Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MY Top Ten Favorite AIO Albums EVER

About Virtual Realities, it had no serious episodes, which makes me think of it as the worst AIO album.

Author:  MnM [ Sat Mar 11, 2017 1:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MY Top Ten Favorite AIO Albums EVER

I think that's a great list MonkeyDude! I love all of those albums too. My favorites in the list would have to be: 5.Through Thick & Thin, 3.The Green Ring Conspiracy, and 1.Danger Signals and Counter Signals. \:D/

Author:  Shadow [ Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: MY Top Ten Favorite AIO Albums EVER

Look, where is Best Small Town, it's the best.

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