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Wed Jan 01, 2020 9:35 pm

here it is folks. 2020. i did just kind of want to make the first post of 2020.
but also
what are y'all plans for this year?

what's the plan for the decade?

where were you a decade ago?

where do you want to be a decade from now?

cuz like

this year i want to travel a bunch. i want to go to new york city and san diego and colorado and louisiana. some of these are trips already planned and some are goals. this year i'm trying to be nicer to myself by being more disciplined. my word this year is grow. yes, i know that's super cliche to have a word, but it helps me as a romantic. the last two years have been planted (2018), and rooted (2019), so this fits really nicely haha

the decade? idk. i want to make art. maybe get famous. maybe fall in love. maybe start a career i love.

i was seven a decade ago. so. i was trying to be a version of me that was very far from genuine. it's weird that i remember what that was like so much, but i do. i wanted to be just like my "cool" friends and like what they liked. i didn't give myself room to ope heheh GROW. it's cool to see how that's changed in my life.

a decade from now, i want to still be growing. obviosuly we don't stop. and i want to know how to really love people by then. i would also like to own a cat.

so feel free to add to this or not, but it could be fun to track where we've been.
Happy New Year gang. This fandom is seriously the bomb.


Thu Jan 02, 2020 5:57 pm

Love what you said on growing! It's always been comforting for me when I'm in low spots to remember that I'm not done growing yet. As long as you can learn from this and keep moving forward it's not a failure.
For me personally I want to be more hopeful. As of late I've shrunk away from the big picture mindset, trying to focus on giving my all one day at a time. It isn't awful I think but I feel like it stems from being very overwhelmed and hopeless about the future.
I'd also like to work on being a bit more positive.
Good topic by the way!


Fri Jan 10, 2020 3:51 pm

I think my word fot last year was "learn." Through college and the Enniagram I have really learned more about myself and others, and especially realized the importance of being honest with yourself and especially to God. I also learned just at college lol, and especially that this is my time to learn. I'm a pianist and a teacher, but I don't /have/ to be good at those things right now. Time is the best way of getting better, so be okay with my own mediocrity today for a better tomorrow.
My biggest plans for this year is a semester abroad to Croatia in the fall!! I also just want to really push myself in school to practice and "keep growing." I also want to fit God back in my life because tbh, the harder I work in school the less time and focus I put towards Him. I need to find a balance of practicing without ceasing and praying without ceasing. With prayer and guidance maybe I'll find it.
Idk why I'm being so honest, but lastly this year I want to be (lol) honest. Two young people in my life have just died in car crashes in the last month. I don't want to feel like I "will tell someone something later" because I don't know if a later is even possible for me. I just don't know. This is a big goal, but I don't think it's a bad one. We'll see if I can follow through. Happy new year everyone!


Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:00 pm

a little late but Happy New Year!!

my plans for this year include! getting a new car, traveling back to colorado, starting school, and God willing, getting invested full time in a ministry.

a decade ago, i was nine years old and super anxious at the time (i still am mostly now i've got coping skills!) i tried my hardest to do the absolute best i could at everything, and i just knew i wanted to be more adventurous, that i wanted to love God more.

i don't really have a plan for the decade, but this year in particular, i want to learn how to lay down my own preferences and seek after things that'll last, or that'll humble me, or that'll bring joy. i also really need to be writing more
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