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Odyssian Backsliders Anonymous

Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:32 pm

I just realized as I was perusing through these topics that not only have I abandoned the Soda Shop for months, but that I have also neglected the very reason that we all come here for discussions: Adventures in Odyssey!!! :mad:

This topic will be for all of those people like me that have stopped listening to the show to discuss why they ceased tuning in, be the reasons positive, negative, or indifferent. The conversation is not exclusive, so feel free to jump in if you like. I just want to see if there is anybody else there like me, or if you all are my superiors in your devotion to the fandom.

I have not listened to an Odyssey episode since January or February. I had started Album 60, but then things got a bit crazy. I still get the two six-episode albums each year at Christmas. Head Over Heels and Without A Hitch are waiting for me whenever I am ready. I suppose it is just that I do not want to start listening and have to stop unexpectedly if something comes up (which has been an ever-more frequent pattern).

What about you all?
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