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Summer Camp

Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:06 pm

So just a couple days ago, I got back from Gasconade Christian service camp. This was my 4th year there and it was a blast! I have a lot of stories that I might share but I'm also interested on everyone else's Summer camp experiences. I think one of my favorite memories was in my second year. They have a large cafeteria there are 3 large tables to eat at, and there is a bathroom right next to where you get your food, and it is very visible to see when and who goes in and out of it. We'll one year I needed to go so I stood up and went. When I opened the door I was shocked when probably every single camper ( Probably 75 kids) were all clapping. I didn't quite know what they were clapping at until I realized they were all clapping for me... My best friend had started, it has become a running gag there, and everybody teases me about it. Feel free to share some stories!
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