December 17, 1983
"Spare Tire", Focus on the Family's first radio drama, airs on Focus on the Family program.

Full episode is available as a bonus feature in Mission: Accomplished.


Original Focus on
the Family logo



November 23, 1985
"House Guest" airs. Hal Smith makes his first debut in a Focus on the Family Radio drama. He would later take on the role of John Avery Whittaker, Odyssey's central character.

Full episode is available as a bonus feature in Mission: Accomplished.



July 23, 1986
"Gone Fishing" airs. (Another foundational drama)

Full episode is available as a bonus feature in Other Times, Other Places.



Whit, circa 1987, as featured
in Focus on the Family Magazine

January 5, 1987
First Family Portraits drama ("Whit's Visitor") airs on the Focus on the Family daily broadcast.

Full episode is available as a bonus feature in Just in Time.


August 10, 1987
Radio Drama "Tilly" airs; it was based on the book by the then unknown author Frank Peretti.


November 21, 1987
First Odyssey USA episode ("Whit's Flop") airs on 200 radio stations.


Early version of Connie Kendall. (artist Bruce Day)

December 12, 1987
Connie Kendall first appears in Odyssey and begins working at Whit's End ("Connie Comes to Town").



A generic version of the AIO logo,
used prior to the development
of later versions.

Slight tweak to the logo to make it fit the new name.

April 23, 1988
Name changes to Adventures in Odyssey. First episode to air: "The Quality of Mercy."


May 1988
First retail package (Odyssey USA) released.


Odyssey USA later re-released as Adventures in Odyssey. Eventually, the album became The Early Classics, with a re-arrangement of episodes to squeeze in unreleased shows. Ultimately, The Adventure Begins was released to restore proper chronology to the series.


A preliminary illustration of a future Classics album release, Drive Time, featuring the Barclays on their vacation to Florida.

June 18, 1988
The Barclays first appear on Odyssey in "Family Vacation."


Artist Bruce Day's early
version of Eugene Meltsner.

December 3, 1988
Eugene Meltsner first appears in Odyssey and begins working at Whit's End ("Connie").


Early cassette label for
Adventures in Odyssey.

Whit unveils something beneath a sheet, thought to be Kids Radio equipment or the Imagination Station.

December 10, 1988
In "Connie," Connie Kendall becomes a Christian.



One of Odyssey's firstillustrations
of the Imagination Station
(artist Bruce Day)

March 18, 1989
Whit unveils his greatest invention in "The Imagination Station."


Whit, circa 1989-1990, as pictured on the original Courageous Characters, Fabulous Friends audio collection (artist Bruce Day)

An early Chick-fil-A Kids Meal
cassette copy of "That's Not Fair"

Summer 1989
Chick-fil-A puts Adventures in Odyssey booklets in its kids' meals.

July 8, 1989
Dr. Regis Blackgaard arrives in Odyssey. ("The Nemesis")





March 3, 1990
In "By Any Other Name," Bernard Walton first appears in Odyssey.


Illustrations of Doris and Bart Rathbone debuted later in the series.

June 16, 1990
The Rathbone family first appears in Odyssey in "An Act of Mercy."


Illustrations of town bully
Rodney Rathbone



Cassette label for Adventures in Odyssey used primarily in the 1990's, last appearance in Wish You Were Here!

August 5, 1991
Adventures in Odyssey starts airing daily on stations around the country.

September 1991
First Adventures in Odyssey video released: The Knight Travellers.


Horizontal version logo released on
Other Times, Other Places
with subdued colors.


October 1991
Focus on the Family moves from Pomona, California, to Colorado Springs, Colorado.


An illustration of Bryan Dern, featured years later in Clubhouse Magazine

May 2, 1992
Odyssey's shock jock Cryin' Bryan Dern first appears in Odyssey in "A Tongue of Fire."


Illustration of Eugene and Whit, featured
on the original It's Another Fine Day...


Featured on original cover for Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town

Years later, artist Gary Locke's cover illustration for Meanwhile, in Another Part of Town

May 9, 1992
Eugene obtains his driver's license in "A License to Drive."


Summer 1992
First Adventures in Odyssey novel released: Strange Journey Back.


Arched logo released on The Early Classics and albums 11-17 (used 1992-1994) with "Audio Series" under the name.

June 27, 1992
Harlow Doyle first appears in Odyssey in "Harlow Doyle, Private Eye."


Illustrations of Edwin and his counterpart Shakespeare appeared later in the series.

August 29, 1992
Edwin Blackgaard first appears in Odyssey in "Double Trouble."




Arched logo abandoned and reverted back to horizontal logo (tweaked from 1991 version), beginning with A Time of Discovery. This version of the logo contained more vibrant colors and "Audio Series" text (albums 18-44). Several albums were released with yellow "Adventures in" text, but later reverted back to red. Used 1994-2005.

January 8, 1994
Eugene meets his future wife, Katrina Shanks Meltsner, in "Truth, Trivia, and 'Trina."


January 28, 1994
Hal Smith, voice of John Avery Whittaker (1987-1994), passes away. The search for a new voice for Whit begins.


Illustration of Jack Allen, as appeared in Clubhouse magazine.

September 3, 1994
"Gone..." airs. Whit leaves Odyssey. Jack Allen comes to town and co-runs Whit's End during his absence.


November 5, 1994
Tom Riley elected mayor of Odyssey in "Tom for Mayor."


Cassette label for Adventures in Odyssey used primarily in 1990's beginning with The Changing Times, last appearance in Signed, Sealed and Committed.


November 26, 1994
Jason Whittaker moves to Odyssey. ("A Name, Not a Number")


December 24, 1994
"Unto Us a Child Is Born" airs. Stewart Reed Barclay is born.



A scene from BTV: Behind the Scenes, illustrated by artist Gary Locke years later.

January 21, 1995
Bernard Walton's television show, B-TV, is born in "I Want My B-TV!"


The standard version of Eugene with hair over his eyes used up through 2009.

September 2, 1995
In "The Time Has Come," Eugene becomes a Christian.


October 7, 1995
"The Final Conflict" airs. The album Darkness Before Dawn is finished. Dr. Blackgaard dies.



January 13, 1996
"Pokenberry Falls, RFD" features the Barclays leaving for Pokenberry Falls.


Original cover illustration for
The Search for Whit

Artist Gary Locke's illustration of
The Search for Whit collection
years later when it was repackaged

May 18, 1996
Paul Herlinger steps in as the voice of Whit in "The Search for Whit."


Summer 1996
First Focus on the Family Radio Theatre production released. (Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol)


Original Welcome Home illustration (main), Gary Locke art released years later (left)

November 2, 1996
"Home, Sweet Home" airs. Whit returns to Odyssey.



January 1997
Adventures in Odyssey goes on vacation and takes a break from production. Re-airs the best of Adventures in Odyssey.


September 6, 1997
Production resumes with "For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll." Jack Allen and Joanne Woodston marry. Eugene and Katrina Shanks get engaged.


November 1997
The Complete Guide to Adventures in Odyssey released.


Cassette label for Adventures in Odyssey used in the late 1990's to early 2000's, beginning with Through Thick & Thin, last appearance in Lost & Found. 

November 8, 1997
Margaret Faye elected mayor of Odyssey. ("The One About Trust")


November 29, 1997
"New Year's Eve, Live!" is recorded in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to celebrate Adventures in Odyssey's 10th anniversary.


Featured in Focus on the Family's The Odyssey Times and Clubhouse Magazine to celebrate a decade of Odyssey.



May 23, 1998
Connie finally graduates from high school as valedictorian of her graduating class in "The Graduate."



Tom Riley's inspiration for the Timothy Center came from an unexpected source.

An illustration of the Timothy Center, featured in Clubhouse Magazine


March 6, 1999
Tom Riley opens the Timothy Center. ("Opening Day")


Illustration depicting a scene from split-episode "Idol Minds," a more outlandish show in Odyssey history. Featured on the original cover for In Your Wildest Dreams.


Due to short time (15 minute stories or less), half shows/split-episodes were not popular as they limited plotlines and character development. Odyssey fans preferred 25 minute episodes over the split-episode format.


October 30, 1999
First Odyssey half-show (split episode format), "The Eternal Birthday/Bethany's Imaginary Friend" airs. Half shows would later be abandoned after Fall 1999/Spring 2000 seasons. "Bethany's Flood" is the final split-episode.


October 1999
First Passages bookDarien's Riseis released.


December 18, 1999
"A Look Back" celebrates a millennium of Adventures in Odyssey episodes.



February 7, 2000
"Mandy's Debut" recorded live at National Religious Broadcasters' convention in Anaheim, California.


April 1, 2000
Official Web site launched at WhitsEnd.org.


December 2, 2000
"Opportunity Knocks" airs. The Novacom saga series of action-adventure shows begins.



Artist Gary Locke's first illustration for an Odyssey cover appears on Danger Signals in 2001. He would later serve as artist for albums 1-50, featuring a heavyset Whit, a rendition of Eugene with hair hiding his eyes, and jogging suit Connie. He primarily used character designs developed during the days of the Odyssey video series.

February 24, 2001
Connie meets a significant new love interest, Robert Mitchell, in "Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips."


An early illustration of Odyssey mailman Wooton Bassett. His face would remain a mystery several years.

May 26, 2001
Wooton Bassett's first appearance in Odyssey.("Welcoming Wooton")



Artist Gary Locke's illustration of a hidden camera embedded into a book.

January 5, 2002
Whit's End Connellsville opens in "Grand Opening."


January 26, 2002
Eugene and Katrina finally tie the knot and promptly leave the show for several years. ("Plan B: Missing in Action")



A special collection devoted to the Novacom saga. Needless to say, the 30-part series was popular.

A depiction of a scene in
"Expect the Worst"

July 7, 2002
"Exit" airs. The Novacom saga ends.


Pictured above, a special limited-time CD copy of "500"

July 13, 2002
"500" airs, a show celebrating 500 Odyssey episodes.


Cover for Clubhouse Magazine
in celebration of 500
Odyssey episodes


July 25-27, 2002
"Live at the 25" recorded at 25th anniversary of Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.



January 25, 2003
The Washington family first appears in "The Toy Man."



November 22, 2003
Connie almost marries Robert Mitchell. ("Something Blue")


December 2003
Gold Audio Series begins. Albums 1-15 were repackaged and released on CD for the first time with bonus features. These would later be re-released as normal Odyssey collections.


Logo created for Gold Audio Series albums only. Featured red oval and gold "Adventures in" text. (2004-2005)


The most well-known Whit style, perfected by artist Gary Locke

Fall 2004
Adventures in Odyssey video games released. ("The Treasure of the Incas" and "The Sword of the Spirit")


April 2, 2005
"A Most Intriguing Question" airs. Eugene returns to Odyssey with much fanfare. The team did their best to keep his return secret until the episode aired.


A white oval container was added to the logo for remaining albums in the series as pictured in the original cover of Eugene Returns! This white oval is now featured on repackaged albums 1-50.


Above, Eugene Sings! and Eugene Sings! Christmas albums released as part of the fanfare of Eugene's return.


May 14, 2005
Eugene and Katrina finally celebrate their official wedding ceremony in "For Better or For Worse."


October 15, 2005
Eugene learns that his long-lost father, Leonard, is alive. ("Prisoners of Fear")




December 3, 2005
Connie starts writing a book. ("Tales of a Small-Town Thug")



Original logo

September 20, 2006
The first Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast released.



December 16, 2006
The Washington family become foster parents to a girl named Kelly. ("The Chosen One")



February 15, 2007
Walker Edmiston, voice of Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone, passes away.

"Actor Will Ryan said Edmiston's versatility was exemplified on Adventures in Odyssey, a radio series set in a small town produced by the nonprofit Focus on the Family."
     - Los Angeles Times

Artist Gary Locke's rendition of Bernard, based off of Bernard Walton's look in the video series.


March 10, 2007
Eugene Meltsner discovers that he has a brother, Everett. ("The Top Floor")



September 29, 2007
Leonard Meltsner leaves for Africa. ("A New Era")



Artist Gary Locke

March 1, 2008
Odyssey considered for Best Small Town in America. ("Suspicious Finds")


April 12, 2008
Whit purchases McAlister Park (the land Whit's End sits on) in "The Forgotten Deed" after years of confusion regarding ownership of the property.


The new look of Focus on
the Family's logo (2008)


June 2008
First Kidsboro novel releasedBattle for Control.

A poster advertising the AIO Birthday Bash in Colorado Springs

August 16, 2008
Adventures in Odyssey celebrates its 20th birthday at the "AIO Birthday Bash." "B-TV: Live!" recorded live at Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide released.


The Adventures in Odyssey, Celebrating 20 Years logo, used on products leading up to the milestone celebration.


September 2008
50th album released and dedicated to actor Walker Edmiston: The Best Small Town. Adventures in Odyssey takes a hiatus and takes a break from production of the numbered albums. No "new" episodes would air until March 2010.


June 2009
Special album released: The Truth Chronicles, a collection of episodes exploring a Christian worldview. Tie-in to Focus on the Family's The Truth Project.


Artist Mike Harrigan's rendering of
Darien's Rise, featured on both the
audio drama and book releases.

September 2009
Passages: Darien's Rise audio drama released.

September 19, 2009
Andre Stojka steps in as the voice of Whit in "Passages: Darien's Rise."




Nearly 10 years after his creation, Wooton Bassett's full face is revealed.

New Odyssey characters:
the Parker family

Early Whit sketches


AIO logo with yellow frame, "in" moved to top line for better readability.

Same AIO logo without frame

Spring 2010
Adventures in Odyssey logo is refreshed with a new look to Odyssey characters Whit, Connie, and Eugene; new characters introduced.

February 2, 2010
Paul Herlinger, voice of John Avery Whittaker (1996-2008), passes away. Unlike Hal Smith, Paul resigned from his role due to health reasons.

"Paul's voice gave him special distinction. He was called upon to narrate regional and national documentaries, had numerous commercial clients, appeared in radio dramas, and for more than 10 years, until recently, played the leading role of John Avery Whittaker in the radio drama series "Adventures in Odyssey", earning him fans worldwide."
     - Obituary of Paul Herlinger

For God and Country, the first Adventures in Odyssey collection to visit outer space.

Artist Gary Locke's rendition of
Col. Terry Virts

February 8, 2010
Adventures in Odyssey travels to outer space with astronaut Terry Virts. A copy of For God and Country goes up to the International Space Station via the space shuttle Endeavor.

March 2010
51st album released: Take It from the Top.


A much thinner John Avery Whittaker, circa 2010 and beyond. (artist Gary Locke)



March 6, 2010
After a nearly two-year hiatus, Adventures in Odyssey starts anew with Whit introducing his new invention in "The Inspiration Station"; Take It from the Top; Andre Stojka appears for the first time as Whit in the numbered audio series.


April 2010
First Passages bookDarien's Riseis re-released, landing a third edition.


Prior to the Avery Awards, fan sites hosted their own "End of Season Awards" each season (see here).

June 16, 2010
The Official Podcast releases its first-ever edition of the Avery Awards, an awards show to determine Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Sound Design, Best Script, etc. from current Adventures in Odyssey seasons.

July 29, 2010
The Official Podcast celebrates its 100th episode after nearly four years of podcasting.


 Podcast host Jesse Florea shows off a card sent in by a devoted AIO fan.

Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey download store.

October 2010
52nd album released: Cause & Effect. The entire Adventures in Odyssey audio series is officially made available for download in the Family Store.

Nathan Hoobler (left) poses with a team of talented professionals.

November 2010
Adventures in Odyssey reaches new audiences. Whit's Flop is recorded in Miami, Floridaone of many episodes to premier for Spanish-speaking audiences.




November 27, 2010
A Thankstaking Story airsa special holiday musical episode of Adventures in Odyssey, unlike any done in the past.


December 22, 2010
The Odyssey Scoop, one of the longest standing Adventures in Odyssey fan sites, celebrates a decade of AIO promotion. (Okay, so we fit somewhere in Odyssey's timeline, don't we?)




February 5, 2011
Odyssey's first-ever early digital download of 53 (The Green Ring Conspiracy) debuts online, with hard copy to follow in March.

February 12, 2011
Kenneth Mars, voice of Fred Holstein, Officer Quinn, and many others passes away at the age of 75.

Said of Kenny Mars: "Kenneth Mars ... was cherished by audiences for his unhinged comic performances in two of the writer-director Mel Brooks's finest and funniest movies, The Producers (1968) and Young Frankenstein (1974). Along with performers including Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn and Cloris Leachman, he created some of the most sublimely silly moments in US film comedy."
     - The Guardian, February 15, 2011

 The Imagination Station book series,
geared for younger readers,
follows cousins Beth and Patrick
as they visit historical and biblical
events in history by utilizing
Whit's greatest invention.

March 2011
First Imagination Station bookVoyage with the Vikingsis released.

James Duggar shows off
his Adventures in Odyssey
T-shirt under his suit.

March 18-19, 2011
The Duggar family visits Focus on the Family and tours the Adventures in Odyssey studios.


Odyssey artist Gary Locke's rendition of
Josiah Duggar. Josiah makes a cameo appearance in "You're Two Kind" and
asks Valerie to bat her eyelashes.




March 26, 2011
Penny Wise first appears in Odyssey as a new friend for Connie Kendall ("The Green Ring Conspiracy").


Chad Reisser, voice of
Monty Whittaker, records for
"The Green Ring Conspiracy".
His character hadn't appeared
on the show since
"Scattered Seeds" (1990).

April 2, 2011
Monty Whittaker, Whit's grandson, returns to the show in "The Green Ring Conspiracy".


Cover for April 2011 edition of Clubhouse magazine, featuring an interview with Zach Callison, voice of Matthew Parker.

The Duggars meet the Odyssey
characters, visit the three-story slide,
Whit's End, and go behind the scenes
and learn about making sound
effects for Adventures in Odyssey...
all on national television!

19 Kids & Counting
"Duggars Focus on Family"
Season 4, Episode 3

June 14, 2011
Focus on the Family and Adventures in Odyssey make an appearance on TLC's 19 Kids & Counting reality show, featuring the Duggar family.

August 15, 2011
54th album released for digital download: Clanging Cymbals... and the Meaning of God's Love, with hard copy to to follow in September.



Artist Gary Locke's rendition of
Phillip Glossman, Richard Maxwell,
and Dr. Regis Blackgaard for the
Blackgaard Chronicles collection.

September 2011
Special collection released: The Blackgaard Chronicles, one of the most requested AIO products of all time.

September 20, 2011
The Official Podcast celebrates 5 years of podcasting.



September 21, 2011
The first Adventures in Odyssey inspired album, M'kalister Park, is released by fans, for fans―featuring "Come Back Jimmy", "Communicate", "Bring Mitch Back", and more. (Learn more)

October 2011
Kidsboro book series is re-released as a 4-in-1 omnibook.


A special AIO Christmas story
published in the December 2011
edition of Thriving Family to promote
the Imagination Station book series.

December 1, 2011
Focus on the Family mobile app is released, enabling Adventures in Odyssey fans to listen on mobile devices.


December 3, 2011
700th AIO episode airs ("How to Sink a Sub")




January 2012
Odyssey's first e-book version of an existing book is released: Voyage with the Vikings, with more titles to follow.

February 2012
55th album released for digital download: The Deep End, with hard copy to to follow in June.


Over 5,000 entries were received with
Christian bookstores participating in
auditions nationwide throughout the year.

February 8, 2012
"Get in the Show: The Ultimate Casting Call" is announced—a nationwide contest for children ages 6-15 to audition for an upcoming role on Adventures in Odyssey and serve as spokesperson for AIO throughout 2013.

March 3, 2012
Jason Whittaker faces his most difficult and life-changing challenge yet in "The Labyrinth".


March 24, 2012
Eugene and Katrina Meltsner learn that they are unable to have children. ("To Mend or Repair")


May 12, 2012
Robert Mitchell returns to Odyssey for a visit. ("Something Old, Something New")

Said of Dick Beals: "He was one of the great voice actors of all time,” Ron Simon, curator of TV and radio at the Paley Center for Media, told The Times on Wednesday. “He was one of those anonymous people who pioneered what animation would become today.” "
     - Los Angeles Times, May 31, 2012

May 29, 2012
Dick Beals, voice of Nicholas Adamsworth in Odyssey's early years, passes away.

June 16, 2012
Adventures in Odyssey celebrates its 25th birthday at the "AIO Birthday Bash." An extended version of "Push the Red Button" is performed live at Irving Bible Church in Dallas, Texas.


Actors present at the Birthday Bash Live Show: Andre Stojka, Katie Leigh, Will Ryan, Jess Harnell, Townsend Coleman, Kimmy Robertson, Zach Callison, Chris Anthony, and Chuck Bolte.


August 2012
56th album released for digital download: The Grand Design with hard copy to to follow in September.


August 12, 2012
Former Indy 500 Driver Jeff MacPherson races in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in his custom painted Adventures in Odyssey Porsche race-car.


Odyssey artist Gary Locke's rendition of
Jeff McPherson racing at Pikes Peak with
John Avery Whittaker. This illustration was
autographed by Jeff McPherson at the event.

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (or ‘The Race to the Clouds’) is a 12.4 mile race that includes 156 turns and 4,720 feet of elevation gain. The race has been an annual event since 1916.

Cover for September 2012 edition of Clubhouse magazine, featuring the debut of "Captain Absolutely" comics by Wooton Bassett.

September 2012
AIO Silver Celebration is released in celebration of 25 years of Adventures in Odyssey.

September 2012
The entire Adventures in Odyssey audio series is officially made available for download in the iTunes Store.


October 2012
Adventures in Odyssey: The Official Guide, 25th Birthday Edition" released.

October 2012
"90 Day Devotions for Kids" released.


Actors Zach Callison, Katie Leigh, and Andre Stojka get ready to announce contestant Shona as the winner of "Get in the Show".


November 3, 2012
Focus on the Family's "Get in the Show: Ultimate Casting Call" finale event takes place in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Three finalists perform alongside Odyssey actors followed by a nationwide vote for the winner—coupled with a celebration of 25 years of Adventures in Odyssey. The event is also streamed online as a live webcast.

November 21, 2012
Adventures in Odyssey officially celebrates its 25th anniversary.


Cover for November 2012 edition of Clubhouse magazine. This edition included a special feature on Andy Pessoa and Gatlin Green, plus AIO trading cards in celebration of 25 years.

The original cover of
Family Portraits, circa 1987.

December 2012
The original pilot series of 13 episodes preceding Adventures in OdysseyFamily Portraits—is is released as an exclusive download.


December 8, 2012
Jason Whittaker returns to Odyssey. Jack and Joanne Allen retire and give ownership of J&J Antiques Shop to Jason. ("Home Again")


December 22, 2012
"Push the Red Button" airs, a pre-recorded and condensed version of the live show in Dallas, Texas in June 2012.



Spring 2013
The Adventures in Odyssey animated DVD series is given a facelift and branded with the existing AIO logo.


April 2013
Whit's End Mealtime Devotions released.

Connie Kendall poses with 2012
"Get in the Show" contest winner,
Shona Kennedy, to be featured on
the May 2013 front cover of
Clubhouse magazine.


June 2013
Special collection released: Our Favorites, showcasing the actors' favorite episodes.


The popular Passages book series
is condensed into 3-in-1 omni-books.
Volume 1 of "The Marus Manuscripts"
is released in June with Volume 2
to follow in August.

A series of video podcasts and
live webcasts are featured
throughout 2013 highlighting
acts of service, announcements,
and contest winners. Thousands
participate in a voting process
from home to select the winners.

Summer 2013
Focus on the Family hosts its summer-long A.C.T.S. (A Call to Serve) contest, giving fans an opportunity to serve their communities and win a missions trip to Costa Rica and become an Adventures in Odyssey ambassador.

August 2013
57th album released for digital download: A Call to Something More, with hard copy to to follow in October.


Artist Gary Locke's detailed illustration
for the Album 57 cover features many
of June Kendall's belongings, including
a Eugene Meltsner action figure and a
CD copy of Album 37: Countermoves.
Can you spot them?


The Odyssey team originally released
a Spanish version of The Visitors
("Los Visitantes") in 1992.

September 2013
Adventures in Odyssey reaches more audiences as episodes in Spanish begin airing on select radio stations and are made available for download.

September 21, 2013
"Big Trouble Under the Big Top" airs, written by writing contest winner Katie Wynn.


Shona Kennedy, winner of the 2012
"Get in the Show" contest, voices
Jules, Connie's half-sister.

September 28, 2013
Connie Kendall's mother, June Kendall, passes away in "Life Expectancy". Connie also learns she has a half-sister.



October 12, 2013
Connie receives an unexpected visit from her first love, Jeff Lewis. ("Life Expectancy")




November 2013
Whit's End Mealtime Devotions: The Second Helping released.

December 2013
Adventures in Odyssey interactive Advent Calendar released via Thriving Family magazine app, featuring daily crafts, activities, and full-length Christmas episodes.


Artist Gary Locke's rendition of winterized Eugene, Connie, Whit and Wooton


The Odyssey Adventure Club contains every single album of Adventures in Odyssey, including bonus albums, exclusive episodes airing on a monthly basis, videos, and activities. A percentage of each member's subscription goes towards the support of other ministries. An iOS app is also available for listening on the go.

January 2, 2014
The Odyssey Adventure Club launches, providing streaming access to the entire Adventures in Odyssey series, plus exclusive monthly episodes and more. The club's first episode of Season 1, "The Launch", airs.

Artist Gary Locke's illustrations for
"The Launch", part of the OAC
experience. Each OAC season episode
features unique cover artwork.

Focus on the Family's award-winning magazine is re-branded as Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse for the first edition in January 2014.

Odyssey Adventure Club members receive a complimentary subscription as a club benefit.

January 16, 2014
Dave Madden, voice of Bernard Walton, passes away.




March 2014
90 Devotions for Kids in Matthew released.

April 2014
The Harley Collection is released exclusively via the Odyssey Adventure Club for the first time ever, featuring unreleased episodes with Officer David Harley from AIO's early days.


The April 2014 edition of
Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse
showcases contest winners
Marissa and Wesley's trip to
Costa Rica. (A.C.T.S. A Call
to Serve
contest, 2013)


June 2014
Wooton's Whirled History: A Blend of Bravery is released.


July 2, 2014
58th album released early for Odyssey Adventure Club members: The Ties That Bind, with digital download and hard copy to to follow in September and October.



August 2014
Wooton's Whirled History: A Mix of Melody Makers is released.

September 2014
58th album released for digital download: The Ties That Bind, with hard copy to to follow in October.


Album 58 serves as a tie-in to Focus
on the Family's The Family Project.


September 6, 2014
"The Ties That Bind, Part 1" officially airs on radio stations, marking AIO's longest multi-part episode to date.


October 2014
Candid Conversations with Connie: A Girl's Guide to Growing Up released.


Cover for November 2014 edition
of Adventures in Odyssey Clubhouse,
featuring the return of Buck Oliver,
a fan favorite since The Green Ring
. The character of Buck returned
due to overwhelming listener feedback.
Actor Robby Bruce, voice of Buck, is
featured in the magazine's cover story.


November 2014
Still going strong, The Imagination Station book series' 15th title is released: Surprise at Yorktown.


December 6, 2014
Wooton Bassett proposes to Penny Wise in "The Ties That Bind, Part 14."


Cover illustration for "All By Myself",
airing December 2014 at the Odyssey
Adventure Club. "All By Myself" serves
as OAC's first season finale.



January 2015
"Candid Conversations with Connie" audio book released, AIO's first-ever audio book release.



January 2015
The Odyssey Adventure Club celebrates its first anniversary, launched one year earlier. Season 2 launches with "Follow Me."


Artist Gary Locke's illustration for
"Follow Me," airing January 2015
at the Odyssey Adventure Club.


February 10, 2015
The Odyssey Adventure Club launches globally for international members.

March 2015
Candid Conversations with Connie, Volume 2 released.




April 2015
Special collection released: The Crown of Thorns, with six Easter episodes.

April 22, 2015
The first of three Spanish album edition of AIO (Aventuras en Odisea), is released via OAC, with volumes 2 and 3 to follow in August and November.


Logo for the Spanish version
of Adventures in Odyssey


The Odyssey Adventure Club Android
app becomes available during the month
of May, making Adventures in Odyssey
more accessible than ever before.

May 2015
Jones & Parker Case Files released.

May 8, 2015
59th album released early for Odyssey Adventure Club members: Taking the Plunge, with digital download and hard copy to to follow in July and August.



Artist Gary Locke's illustration for
"Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet,"
airing July & August 2015 in the
Odyssey Adventure Club.

July 2015
59th album released for digital download: Taking the Plunge, with hard copy to to follow in August. Album 59 marks a change in format from 12-episode albums to six.

July 2015
AIO's first ever soundtrack released via OAC (Season 1)


Award-winning Adventures in Odyssey
composer, John Campbell


August 2015
"Countdown to Christmas Advent Collection" download available, with CD copy to release in September.

September 2015
Voyage with the Vikings audio book released on OAC, with download to follow later.


Advent Calendar released in
September to complement the
"Countdown to Christmas
Advent Collection"


September 26, 2015
"First Things First" airs, and Penny and Wooton slow down to figure out what marriage means for them.


October 31, 2015
After a time of doubt and guidance from friends, Penny finalizes her answer to Wooton's marriage proposal in "Let's Get Together."



Whit showcases his skills from
atop Focus on the Family in
Colorado Springs. #WhitPerfect


November 19, 2015
Whit challenges famous Dude Perfect team to a trick shot battle. Hash tag #WhitPerfect is used to hype up the challenge.

December 9, 2015
60th album released early for Odyssey Adventure Club members: Head over Heels, with digital download and hard copy to to follow in February and March 2016.


Illustration for "A Daughter's Love,"
airing December 2015 for OAC members
and concluding the club's second season.


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