July 25-27, 2002
"Live at the 25" recorded at 25th anniversary of Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Pictured above, a special limited-time CD copy of "500"

July 13, 2002
"500" airs, a show celebrating 500 Odyssey episodes.


Cover for Clubhouse Magazine
in celebration of 500
Odyssey episodes

A special collection devoted to the Novacom saga. Needless to say, the 30-part series was popular.

A depiction of a scene in
"Expect the Worst"

July 7, 2002
"Exit" airs. The Novacom saga ends.


January 26, 2002
Eugene and Katrina finally tie the knot and promptly leave the show for several years. ("Plan B: Missing in Action")



Artist Gary Locke's illustration of a hidden camera embedded into a book.

January 5, 2002
Whit's End Connellsville opens in "Grand Opening."



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